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04 Apr 2016

Digital Binder Organizer: how to improve it With These 8 New Designs

The Digital Binder Organizer is one of our most popular features. It offers excellent functionality for customers who need to group several online publications together and it helps create an overview of multiple interactive online publications. The Digital Binder Organizer was released in 2011 and today our development team is ready to announce 8 new Binder designs. 

One of the best things about the Digital Binder is that you can group several publications into the same place, and present them to your audience altogether. It's quite helpful when you want to create online guides, online product catalogs, and even online employee magazines. In time, the requirements for the Binder outgrew its capabilities, so today we're announcing four designs for desktop and two designs for mobile - for a total of eight possible layout combinations.

All the improvements we bring to the tool is added to the current functionality. This is what's new:

  • Combine designs on mobile and desktop
  • Much simpler customization
  • Great experience on all devices

You can read more about the benefits of the Digital Binder Organizer right here.

Layouts For Your iPapers

For Digital publishing on Desktop

We've decided to create four designs to accommodate the needs you might have. Two of the designs have a tree structure, one has a sidebar (similar to today's Binder), and the last one has a grid of folders – just like apps are arranged on your computer.

There are a couple of designs with a tree structure, as in the example below. One of them is perfect for when you have many interactive online publications while the other one is better for when you have a smaller number of publications. The only difference is how large the text is; otherwise, they look the same.

tree-1.jpgThe next design is a simple visual update for the current Binder design. We've kept the sidebar with your main structure, and you will still see the content of these folders to the right. Every time you access one of your online documents, we will open it in a new window. This is a great layout to use when you want to keep the feeling of your current Binders, but want to upgrade them to a better look and better user experience for your readers.


The last design is based on a grid and looks similar to how folders are shown on our computers and smartphones. You can access all the folders from here. All the publications you access are opened in a new window.


Digital Publishing For Mobile

On mobile, there will be two layouts you can choose from: a grid view and a tree view. To the left you can see the grid view, similar to the one on the desktop, only now matching the screen size. On the right, you can see the tree view, also analogous to the one on the desktop, but scaled down to look perfect on the smaller screen ensuring a fully responsive design.


In total, there are eight new designs and you are welcome to combine the designs just how you feel fit.

Do you want sidebar view on desktop and tree view on mobile? No problem. If you want tree view on desktop and grid view on mobile? No problem. Any combination is possible. That's pretty neat, right?

The new designs will also look excellent on tablets. The designs are fully responsive, so the reading experience is optimized no matter which type of device your readers are using.

Customize Your Digital Binder

Simplicity is often the catalyst behind the success of companies such as Apple, Uber, and Tesla. We like simplicity, so in the past year, we've been focusing our efforts to simplify iPaper. There's still a long way to go and the Digital Binder Organizer is just a small step on our mission to provide better user experience. Both for our customers and their customers.

Today, when you create a Binder, you have to go through no less than 26 different customization options, excluding the logo and header URL. That's way too much. With the new Binders, the choices are narrowed down to only five colors. That's it. Instead of 26, you will only have to choose five colors. This change means you're going to be able to create Binders much quicker and easier than previously.


Creating a Binder.

From now on you will be able to choose a template for desktop & tablet and one for mobile, as well as customizing the colors, selecting a logo and specifying a logo URL in less than a couple of minutes. 

What happens with the old Binders?

We don't like the word "old", so we're going to call them Legacy Binders. Are they going to vanish forever? Yes and no.

If you don't have a Legacy Binder, or if you become a customer after the release, creating Legacy Binders will not be possible. 

If you already have Legacy Binders, creating new ones will still be possible for a limited period. We will make sure you are informed when Legacy Binders are discontinued and give you enough time to convert. However, we strongly recommend making the change to the new Binders as soon as you can. These are some vast improvement from the Legacy Binders and will be a benefit that your readers will appreciate.

If you want more inspiration for optimizing your designs, I recommend that your download this Free eBook Designing For Digital or start a free 14-day tryout period to test the system for yourself. 



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