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22 Sep 2014

New CEO Appointed to iPAPEr

iPaper announces the appointment of Mark S. Rasmussen as new CEO. The former CEO Anders Dahl has stepped down after having managed and developed the company for eight years. 

iPaper’s Chief Technology Officer and co-owner Mark S. Rasmussen will assume responsibilities of the business and the employees. He will be in charge of the market-leading company with continued double-digit growth in turnover YoY.


iPaper’s new CEO has been part of the company from the very beginning. In 2006, the back-then 21-year-old Mark S. Rasmussen had a significant role in developing the iPaper system. Since then he has been in charge of product development first as Technical Lead, later as the CTO. In January 2014, he became Co-owner.

iPaper was the first in the world to develop the technology that makes it possible for companies to create digital flip catalogs. Today iPaper is very popular among the Danish retail industry. Beyond retail, 72% of Denmark’s top 100 enterprises and many municipalities are also to be found in the customer portfolio.

About the author

Jannie Tindbæk

Jannie Tindbæk

Jannie is iPaper's Communication Manager since 2009. She is responsible for all communication, marketing and PR and makes sure our customers get inspiration and tips on how to maximize the potential of their iPapers.

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