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28 Jun 2017

Update to the Archive Module With a More Immersive Experience

Yet another module is up for a redesign, and this time it’s the Archive module. This is the last module to ditch the module view and utilize our sidebar for a more immersive experience. We ran some tests and talked a lot about on how we wanted this module to behave and this is what we came up with. The redesign will be released in July.

Small changes big improvements

We only made a couple of small changes, to improve the overall experience for Archive users. The archive will now be a part of our sidebar, the same way as; Attachments, Build a Flipbook and Table of Contents.

The reason behind moving all our modules into the sidebar is so that users don't have to leave the flipbook, which ensures they will stay engaged within the flipbook experience.  


List view with a hierarchy to it

We improved on the list view we had in the old archive, and added a tree structure to it. This means there’s no need for breadcrumbs anymore and users get the full overview of flipbooks in the Archive right from where they are.

Easy navigation equals better navigation

We removed the old thumbnail, as it was too small and as such, hard to tell what was on the thumbnail. Also, the way we differentiated between folders and flipbooks was by applying a stacking effect to the thumbnail, this is also gone and from now on it’ll just be a folder. Easier to distinguish between actual flipbooks and tree structure. 





Now with the thumbnail gone, we still need some hint about the content of the flipbook. That’s why I’m glad to tell you we’re providing you with a bigger preview of the flipbook than before. Take a look below.



Now there’s no more doubt if it’s the right flipbook you intend on opening. However, when you’re opening a flipbook it’ll still open in a new tab just as it did before. This way it’s still easy to go back. 

The archive will, as it did before, work on mobile, and you’ll also get a preview before opening the flipbook.

With this last redesign I’m glad to tell you that all our modules are now updated and are using the sidebar, and your users will have a much better experience browsing your beautiful flipbooks.

Until next time, see you.

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Valentin Jørgensen

Valentin Jørgensen

UX designer @iPaper. I'm a user advocate and passionate about solving problems. I care deeply about brands that resonates and goes the extra mile to put a smile on people’s faces. Big fan of Steves Krug's approach "Don't make me think". I like nature and carrots.

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