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17 Dec 2018

NEW FEATURE Alert: Product Details View

Your flipbook readers can now see a detailed product view before deciding to make a purchase.

What is it? 


We've made it possible to add more text and multiple images to your pop-up product views so that you can give your readers a more well-rounded and informative shopping experience.

When clicking a product-details-view link the pop-up requests; the items title, images, description, and price from your product information system. This paves the way for fully dynamic product pricing.

noveraddtocart resize

You have two options for calls to actions that direct shoppers to: 

  • Add the product to their cart inside the flipbook itself.
  • Click add to cart and be taken to the external product page in your webshop.


Well, let's face it, sometimes when you're selling a product with technical specs or when you want to include relevant information, you need the room to explain. 

Cluttering a catalog page with information like that isn't exactly inspiring or necessarily appealing visually, so why not just keep the look of the catalog clean and explain the details when readers click to learn more? 

Moreover, once the reader knows more about the product, including the latest price, they're more likely to want to act. So, giving them the right information within your flipbook will only shorten the buying cycle and make it easier for your shoppers to buy!

It's a win-win.


Enrichment automation

This new and awesome link type cannot be manually created by you. To use it, you'll need iPaper's Enrichment Automation (CLI) feature. This relies on unique item identifiers, such as item ID's, product codes or even simply the product URL's to be included in your uploaded PDF. Once this is set-up, every link will be automated!

The product-details-view data-source

To support the product-details-view, a data endpoint must be developed and hosted by you. The product data endpoint must include:

  • ID
  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Product price
  • Currency
  • Product image(s)

To get started on your product-details-views, check out our getting started technical guide here. On this page you can find all the technical details and requirements. Better yet, contact us and we'll walk you through it. 

Contact us!

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Lasse Wingreen

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