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News & Product Updates

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05 Oct 2017

Release Notes - October 2017

This autumn we're adding a monthly recap for your iPaper account, improved timezone experience, and forced HTTPS to the administration. 

release notes - september

05 Sep 2017

Release notes - September 2017

The summer is now coming to a definite end. Here at iPaper we never stop working towards the best possible user experience. This release has brought 75 fixes, improvements, and additions to this ...

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24 Aug 2017

Release Notes - August 2017

As summer is coming to an end, iPaper is ramping up the effort to keep the good times rolling. This month’s release includes additional functionality for the popular pop-ups feature, enhanced ...

Release notes july 2017.png

31 Jul 2017

Release Notes - July 2017

July was an exciting month at iPaper. We added some great new features and functionality to enhance your iPaper experience, including the ability to print your entire flipbook from the viewer, search ...


28 Jun 2017

Update to the Archive Module With a More Immersive Experience

Yet another module is up for a redesign, and this time it’s the Archive module. This is the last module to ditch the module view and utilize our sidebar for a more immersive experience. We ran some ...

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