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24 May 2017

"Build a flipbook" is up for redesign

Yet another module is getting a redesign in iPaper. This time it’s the Build a Catalog module, which from now on, we call Build a Flipbook. 

If you can’t remember what the Build a Flipbook does, here’s a quick recap: It enables users of the flipbook, to select pages and build their own flipbook from these selected pages.

It’s a module that has been waiting for an update for quite some time and we are looking forward to releasing the update in the beginning of June. 

So what changed?

Let me go over some of the functionality of the old Build a Catalog and tell you a little about how it has changed in the new Build a Flipbook.


Before you were able to select pages from a small grid. Well the grid is still there, except today it’s humongous. Easier to see and distinguish the pages. Another thing was the indication of a selected page, which was done by adding transparency, this selected feedback was quite poor, so we redid that to give you a better indication of when a page has been selected. Take a look at the new grid and the indication of selected pages below.

This is the old VS the new grid of the Build a Flipbook module. No doubt it’s easier to see the pages:




Next up, is the design. The old Build a Catalog, was living on a page of its own with a couple of steps you had to go through in order to build it. This wasn’t ideal if you wanted to add an extra page. You would have to go back a step, add the page, then go forward and determine where that page should go.

Today all your selected pages will show up in our sidebar, and you can rearrange, delete and basically prepare the whole flipbook without any extra steps. Yayyy!

When you’re satisfied with your flipbook you hit Build and you’re presented with a way to share it, either by social media or by email. Simple as that!

Take a look at the new Build a Flipbook below.

New build a catalog.jpg

Gorgeous isn’t it? We look forward to see how you’ll be using the new Build a Flipbook.

This was the new Build a Flipbook module, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. This has certainly been one of those things we’ve been looking most forward to releasing.

Now go make some flipbooks.

Oh, one last thing: It all works on mobile.

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Valentin Jørgensen

Valentin Jørgensen

UX designer @iPaper. I'm a user advocate and passionate about solving problems. I care deeply about brands that resonates and goes the extra mile to put a smile on people’s faces. Big fan of Steves Krug's approach "Don't make me think". I like nature and carrots.

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