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24 Aug 2017

Release Notes - August 2017

As summer is coming to an end, iPaper is ramping up the effort to keep the good times rolling.

This month’s release includes additional functionality for the popular pop-ups feature, enhanced branding options on Free Accounts, easier access to help and more than 100 other improvements. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights. 


In this months release, we have added two new features to the pop-up tool, so you now have four options: 


Promote Flipbook

This new feature lets you create a link to another flipbook in your account and enables you to tie together your content in a more efficient way.



Enable Contact

This enables you to set up a simple way for your reader to contact you using a text field. Interaction has never been easier.



We want to show some love to our Free Account users, which is why it’s now possible to add branding to your Free Account, giving you great insight into what iPaper can do for you and your business as we grow together. 

This is how it looked before: 


And this is how it looks now:



So be nicely powered by iPaper, but greatly lead by your brand. No matter which iPaper account you choose. 



To make it even easier to get access to quick help and support, we have added a link in the upper right corner linking to the knowledge base. Just click on the questionmark 




At the bottom left corner, you will find a chat-function. Chat live with us within our working hours. Out of working hours, your message will still be stored and we will get back to you, when we're back in office. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the new features and wish you happy iPapering.


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Simon Andersen

Simon Andersen

Simon is our Customer Care Specialist. He is into making your experience with iPaper great and enjoys the outdoors, family life and Danish "hindbærsnitter".

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