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09 Aug 2018

Release Notes: AUGUST 2018

Product Updates: This article includes new features, revisions for August 2018.

Out of 141 individual revisions, fixes and brand new features, the few mentioned here are the ones deemed most significant for you :D

1. iPaper Interface Updates


In our never-ending quest to make iPaper as intuitive as possible, we have visually updated your account and Flipbook dashboards.

2018-08-06 20_47_25-iPaper [iPaper Admin]

Your Dashboard options should now be more accessible than ever. And for those of you using your iPaper Shop feature we have dedicated a tile on the Flipbook Dashboard to show you the essential shop metrics at a glance.




With the new Zapier App, your iPaper pop-up can now be set up to automate the lead generation process.

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time.

In short, it's a code-less data automation service but unless you're familiar with Zapier you may need to check out our guide for how to use this integration to connect your iPaper Pop-ups with hundreds of other marketing tools.

2018-08-07 23_42_57-Edit a Step _ Zapier

A Revised Cookie consent banner

After the initial launch of our GDPR compliant cookie banner we learned that the first implementation wasn't the best one from a legal perspective.

With that in mind we changed the consent banner, so there is no more opting out of cookies. The reason we decided to do this was because it's legally more correct for our customers to do so. On top of that our customers have the possibility of linking to their privacy policy as that will be more extensive than our default version. 

Simple upload No Longer REQUIRES Flash

It's been on the To Do list for a while... but now, there's no need for flash when you're using our Simple Upload. We did it! In fact, flash has been completely eradicated from iPaper - period! 



Newsticker improvements

To make sure the end users have enough time to read through long newsticker texts we've extended the time any given text appears at the bottom of the screen. Yay!

In the past you couldn't use UTM trackers in newstickers but that's all in the past now, so track away, friends! Track away!

Bad news for those who struggle to keep things short and sweet.  Newstickers are now limited to 256 characters. Anything longer will result in an error message, so do your best to keep things brief.

2. THE commerce POWER PACK


Basically, we've added the option of switching to an alternative icon upon adding an item to the iPaper basket. 

Remembering basket content on RELOADING

We've wanted to do this for a while, but it's been a bit sketchy with some of the older browsers we've been supporting.

But as time passes and people use these older browsers less and less we've finally been able to ensure that any time a browser reloads the page with your online catalog on it, even by accident, the basket content isn't lost. 


Close popup frame from frame contenT

To help some of our customers show their webshop inside a popup frame, we have enabled them to close the popup from their page.

Still not sure what that means? Don't worry,  we've explained it in more detail here and a thorough demo is on its way. 

Override basket icon destination

As some of our customers don't use our shop module at all but leverage their baskets in an overlayed popup frame, we've created the option of setting an alternative URL destination for the basket icon.

So when shoppers click the basket, they're taken to wherever you want them to go! Though, ideally your webshop obviously, not just any old URL. 


basket Reset on Checkout

We have added a setting toggle to clear the basket in our shop module after your shoppers submit and purchase.


We want you to succeed by optimizing the conversion rate on your digital publication. To do that we're totally Kaizen at iPaper! Operating in a state of continuous improvement. So please don't hesitate to tell us what we can do better. 

Should you have any questions to these or any other iPaper features, please don't hesitate in reaching out :D

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