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01 Mar 2018

Release Notes: DECEMBER 2017 + JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2018

Product updates: Includes new features, interface changes and fixes from three individual releases. Get up to speed on iPaper.

Quite a few things have changed in iPaper. For some, this might be a source of confusion.

So first, let me answer the following questions:

  • Why does the iPaper interface change?
  • Why will the interface continue to change in the future?

The short answer is: We want every iPaper account to return the highest possible amount of value.

No-one should have to experience underwhelming returns on marketing resources. Here at iPaper, we know how it feels when marketing efforts are underperforming.

That is why we want to help you battle loss:

  • The loss of resources used to create digital online catalogs.
  • The loss of leads and sessions when customers click a link to a PDF.
  • Potential conversions lost from with-in digital publications.

So, boosting your efficiency, by adding value, is the end goal of every new feature, fix, and revision.


Out of the circa 250 individual revisions, fixes and brand new features, the few mentioned here are the ones deemed most significant for you!

New Epic Features:

1. Flipbook progress bar

At iPaper, we want you to succeed. We want your iPaper account to contribute to your success. Moreover, we want your Flipbooks to be a success from the moment you share them.

To help achieve that, we have included a new progress bar to each of your Flipbook dashboards.



The progress bar:

  1. Highlight each of the steps recommended for your Flipbook to have the greatest impact.
  1. Make your efforts visible as progress.
  1. Serve as easy navigation to each of the required sections.

The iPaper Flipbook progress bar also doubles as a menu for the most signifigant settings.

2. Integration Center

As the first step in a plan to create a coherent and consistent overview of all possible inputs and outputs. We have now created a new area in the Admin called Integration Center.

2018-02-28 21_21_39-iPaper

This area will, in time, house all your integrations.

For now, the first integration supported is MailChimp.

Add a MailChimp API-key to your new Integration Center. Email leads captured through Pop-ups, are then saved to your chosen MailChimp list. You even have the option to tweak a few details in your MailChimp data structure. 

This process can also be completed in your lead genarating Pop-up.


3. Deep linking

When paging in the Flipbook, the URL will update. It will now be more evident to the end-users how they can link to a specific page - and easier than ever!


This new URL feature also carries another definite advantage. As tracking particular page views with Google Analytics is now explicit.

To learn more about tracking your customers across your Flipbooks and your websites, please feel free to book a training session with us here:

Book Customer Care

Interface Updates:

1. Share tab: redesign

In a never-ending quest to ensure that your Flipbooks performs their best when shared;

We have now added a small preview in the "Share optimization" section in settings. When updating the Open Graph content, the display will update. Thereby indicating how a post featuring your Flipbook will look on social media.

We now remind you to update your share settings, when retrieving your Flipbook URL.


2. Faster Flipbook creation

To speed up Flipbook creation, we have eliminated the step of uploading a PDF to your media library. You can now drag a PDF into the "Create flipbook" dialog and get started, faster.

Create a Flipbook using drag and drop

3. Delete folder prevention

To prevent faulty and sometimes unintentional deletions, we have added a 5-second consideration pause whenever you attempt to delete a non-empty folder.

2018-03-01 09_21_04-iPaper

4. Admin Print UX

We have added more clarity towards what will happen when you toggle print and download PDF of a Flipbook.
This setting is located in: Settings → Design → Layout.


5. Easier access to help articles.

You can now search the vast amount of help articles and inspirational guidesadirectly within the iPaper system.

Find the answer you need - when and where you need it!

Press the question mark in the upper right-hand corner in the admin, start typing and press enter.


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