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New! Time Zones can be applied to iPaper Statistics
27 Feb 2019

Release notes: January and February 2019

Product Updates: This article includes new features, fixes and revisions for January 2019.

Out of 57 individual revisions, fixes, and brand new features, the few mentioned here are the ones deemed most significant for you :-D


Your iPaper statistics data is now timezone specific

As you undoubtedly know ;) the statistics page of your flipbooks can give time specific details.

For example, when delving into the time of day graph:

Or, when taking a look at the "See Statistics per Weekday" section:

Time-based visitor data was previously shown in the same time zone (universal standard time). 

We have now introduced a time zone setting that is available from Settings > General > Region on an Account, Folder, and flipbook level. This assures that your timezone settings match the location of your readers.

You can even double check your time zone settings right from the statistics page and jump to change them directly if needed.

Track your variant menu item clicks

Some items must be presented as a menu of variants and iPaper flipbooks do offer support for these cases.


The heatmap section of your flipbook's statistics offers a clear overview of link interactions. By hovering over each link, it will show you the link type and the number of clicks on it.

Previously, the heatmap offered no information on menus or variants. To remedy this, we've added the ability to see the number of menu clicks.

As well as the option to click through to see the individual clicks on each item.

Removal of "Download heatmap as PDF"

With the end goal of eliminating clutter and unused features, we're planning to remove the "Download heatmap as PDF" option from the flipbook statistics section. This will be removed in the coming month.

The iPaper Admin

Stop sending plain text password emails

Due to a lack of reasons not to, we have decided to stop sending plain text passwords to iPaper admin users. In the process of making sure we are one of the good guys on the internet, we have removed all access to passwords in the iPaper admin. Instead, we now take the approach of sending a reset password link.

Coupled with this effort we have given your login flow an overhaul to ensure that it lives up to modern standards.

iPaper new Login sequence!

Shop Configuration

WhatsApp shop checkout

We have now added a new option to the list of possible flipbook basket checkouts.  Now your users can send their list of desired items via WhatsApp.

The contents of the WhatsApp message is fully customizable.


To learn more about any and all of the above mentioned changes, features or just iPaper in general, click below and ask away!

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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