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03 Jul 2018

Release Notes: MARCH, APRIL, MAY  & JUNE 2018

Product Updates: This article includes new features, interface changes and fixes from four individual releases. 

Out of the circa 330 individual revisions, fixes and brand new features, the few mentioned here are the ones deemed most significant for you :D

1. iPaper Interface Updates

In system notifications

We have added a new notification bar in the admin to nudge you to pay attention to new features or critical product changes. Notifications will show updates like release notes, deprecation of browser support etc. 

Notifications will appear in the top of your iPaper interface when new relevant information is made available.

Image of an iPaper Product Update Notification

You can also click the bell in the upper right corner, to browse the latest articles.

Click here to read the latest news from the iPaper team

Unified Mini papers (Embeds)

To make your workflow easier we have given the "Share" section an overhaul, so now you will be looking for the "Embeds" section instead.

A few names have changed so "Page flipper" is now "Page slider," as it is more descriptive to the animation.

"Maxi spread" is being renamed "Perspective" to be a more explicit statement of what you should expect from it.


iPaper Embeds Perspective

Newsticker text color

The Newsticker text color will now match your icon color. You will find this setting in: Flipbook Settings → Design→ Colors → Top bar → Icons.

Newsticker on all platforms

To align the look and feel across all platforms we have added the Newsticker to smartphones and tablets.



SVG icon support

Note: SVG-file is a Scalable Vector Graphics file. Files in this format use an XML-based text format to describe how the image should appear (source).

To help you get crisp on-page CTAs in your Flipbooks, we have added support for using SVGs instead of regular images. SVGs will not only improve visuals, but they will also optimize loading times as SVGs have very low files-sizes. SVGs are available to use in both the Enrichment Editor as well a through the Enrichment Automation (Custom Link Import) options.

Media library upload

Quite a few of you got caught off guard when we switched to right click only for upload in the media library. In response to your requests, we have added a link in the bottom left corner of your media library.

Media Library Upload

Remove page numbers from top bar

Some only have 1 page in their flipbooks or find it weird to have a page indicator. So we've added an option to remove the page number from the UI now.

You can find this new option in: Flipbook Settings → General → Interface → Hide page numbers in top bar.

Custom 302 or 301 redirects

Flipbooks are sometimes unpublished or deleted, but sometimes that leaves users with a dead bookmark.

Fret not! Customer Care can now set up a fallback address on Branded Domains, redirecting every dead URL to a fallback such as

2. Statistics and Analytics

Google Analytics

We have put a lot of effort into sending more relevant data to Google Analytics. Events in GA will now track clicks on links, video plays, search terms and shop checkouts.

See an updated Google Analytics guide here as well as an in-depth article about the Google Analytics data changes here.

To learn more about tracking your customers across your Flipbooks and your websites, please feel free to book a training session with us here:

Book Customer Care

Session registration on Flipbooks

As we announced on the Academy Blog, we have released the functionality that changes how we register sessions in a Flipbook.

Basically, we've changed the way we record visitors which should take care of the prefetch request from Facebook that no one ends up seeing. For further details and explanation read this blog post.


Forms, Pop-Ups, and iPaper Shop - Consent options

To support the GDPR requirements that took effect on May 25th, we have added checkboxes in "Forms," "Pop-Ups," and the iPaper Shop. Each checkbox option can link back to your self-hosted terms and conditions.

Example of Pop-up Consent optionExample of adding a terms and conditions checkbox to an iPaper Pop-up

Anonymization of user IP-addresses

Our system used to store the specific IPs from your visitors when submitting various information to iPaper. We have changed that functionality, so we now only store some parts of it. All of these changes have been implemented in a manner that is GDPR compliant.

Addition of a Legal & Compliance section

We have added a new section to iPaper, the Legal and Compliance section where Administrators can grab a copy of our Data Processor Agreement.

Cookie consent

You've no doubt encountered cookie consent banners on several websites since the new GDPR regulation took effect. Now, you can enable them in your flipbooks via the interface section.

You can find this new option in: Flipbook Settings → General → Interface. 
Click, Display Cookie Consent Banner,  and a pop-up featuring cookie consent options will appear in the flipbook.

iPaper Display Cookie Consent Banner

4. Lead Generation

Gated Content

With the Gated Content module, you can elect to display a form and gate your content from any page in your Flipbook. 

The iPaper Module Gated Content

Pop-up Behavior Options

As part of making a better Leadgen package, we have added two new options to pop-ups. It is now possible to trigger your pop-up to open on a visitors exit-intent (mouse leaves browser window) or after a given amount of time.

iPaper Pop-up Behavior

We want you to succeed by optimizing the conversion rate on your digital publication. To do that we're totally Kaizen at iPaper! Operating in a state of continuous improvement. So please don't hesitate to tell us what we can do better. 

Should you have any questions to these or any other iPaper features, please don't hesitate in reaching out :D

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