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05 Oct 2017

Release Notes - October 2017

This autumn we're adding a monthly recap for your iPaper account, improved timezone experience, and forced HTTPS to the administration. 

1. Monthly recap REPORT

To give you a general overview of how your iPaper flipbooks and pop-ups are performing, we are happy to introduce the monthly recap report. 

You'll see: 


  • Monthly visitors
  • Avg. pageviews
  • Avg. time spent


  • Views
  • Conversions
  • Conversion rate

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Example of what the report looks like.

This recap report will be emailed to you each month. You can always unsubscribe from these emails or change the setting in your account. 

For information on a specific flipbook or pop-up, log in to your account and see the statistics related to that part.  

2. Improved timezone experience

We have done a major overhaul of our timezone handling on Flipbooks. Whenever you set publication period or a schedule you will know for certain if you are setting a date/time in a different timezone than the one you are currently in.


This will help our customers that might have a central marketing department but have stores/offices around the world.

No more handheld calculation of date/time.


3. Minipaper protocol alignment

There have been reports of our minipaper being requested at HTTPS but actually showing HTTP content which has led to warnings/errors in browsers. We have aligned the way the minipaper fetches content so we don't end up with any warnings/errors in the future.

4. Forced HTTPS in the administration

As Google has started adding a warning to pages with login boxes that aren't running with HTTPS, we have decided to up our game and from now on you will only be able to access the admin via HTTPS.


Happy iPapering! 


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Rune Alexander Rødbro

Rune Alexander Rødbro

Rune manages the Customer Care team at iPaper. He loves great movies and TV Shows almost as much as ensuring customers succeed with iPaper.

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