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iPaper: Release Notes: September 2018 - Updated Shop Statistics and much more
04 Oct 2018


Product Updates: This article includes new features, fixes and revisions for September 2018.

Out of 94 individual revisions, fixes and brand new features, the few mentioned here are the ones deemed most significant for you :D

1. Statistics:

Visitors renamed to sessions:

On the very first page of your flipbook statistics, you will find the all-important number of readers, now defined as a session.


But, you will most likely ask, “What do you mean by sessions?”

I’m delighted  you asked me that :D

You see, a visitor can view your flipbook several times and still only count as one. This is because the visits are counted once per browser session.

We have, therefore, renamed all mentions of visitors to sessions.

Products checked out:

We have updated the Shop section of your flipbook statistics for clarity.

In our quest to provide you with relevant and readable data, we have given your shop statistics pane a makeover.


But what do I get out of this change? 

  1. A new and improved graph, to highlight your conversions.
  2. A top 100 list of products checked out. (Full list available for download)
  3. A top 100 list of products added to the iPaper basket. (This list has been moved to the bottom of the page.)

Track pop-up events in Google Analytics

A few months back we started passing flipbook user interactions as events to Google Analytics. Read more on that here.

We have now added popup events to the list of supported interactions, so it's possible to see pop-up opens and conversions in Google Analytics.


What's in this for me? You might wonder. After all, the pop-ups conversions are here in my iPaper account anyway. And rightly so.  But having your Pop-up conversions as events in Google Analytics will allow for building reports, setting up goals and much more.

2. Enrichments

Enrichments: Video; New Options and added support for inline video on mobile devices.

To give you more ways to leverage video content we have added more options to control video playback in your flipbooks. The new options are; show video controls, auto-play video, and loop the video. For Vimeo, we can only supply the auto-play and looping options.


As an added benefit, your flipbook now also supports auto-play of videos inline on mobile devices.

However, the video will be muted, unless unmuted by the user.


The Enrichments Editor: Show outline; ON by default

A long-awaited but minimal change is that your Enrichment Editor now opens with show outline feature enabled.

To you, it means that a dotted line will surround all your links, images, animations and videos. We have done this to let you know: “Here are your enrichment's.”

In this GIF, You will see me turn the feature off and back on again, I then go on to select them, as well, to show the difference.

In this GIF, You will see me turn the feature off and back on again, I then go on to select them, as well, to show the difference.

3. GDPR (Again)

Binders: Now with Cookie consent

As a natural step for our system, we have added the option of showing cookie consent on binders.

To turn this feature on, go to setting on your Binder enabled folder:
Then Settings > General > Interface.

Once turned on, on the folder, your Binder will feature a cookie consent banner.


Automatic deletion of data

Homers GDPR

As stated on our GDPR page, deletion of personal data, more than three months old, began on the 25th of August 2018.

It's no longer possible to fetch data for pop-up conversions, form submissions, shop email checkout and card generators that are older than 3 months.

Thank you for reading through till the end :D


To learn more about any and all of the above mentioned features or just iPaper in general, click below and ask away:

Contact us!

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Lasse Wingreen

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