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16 Jun 2017

Release Notes - June 2017

The June release brings a bunch of great additions to the iPaper platform, including a new Build a Flipbook experience (formerly known as Build a Catalog), a new Attachments feature (formerly File ...

9 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Digital Flipbook

29 Sep 2016

9 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Digital Flipbook

The people in Marketing and Customer Care are sitting close to each other here at iPaper. That has some advantages in our daily work, as we can keep each other updated on issues, ideas, and ingenious ...


04 Apr 2016

Digital Binder Organizer: how to improve it With These 8 New Designs

The Digital Binder Organizer is one of our most popular features. It offers excellent functionality for customers who need to group several online publications together and it helps create an ...


22 Mar 2016

How To Import Links To Your Online Product Catalog

We often hear from potential and existing customers that they are frustrated about the amount of time they use on making links in their online flipbooks. To help you improve your online flipbooks, ...


20 Mar 2015

Cool Ideas for Your iPaper: Zoom Effects and Image Slideshows

The catalog Botanic Spring from the Danish furniture retail chain ILVA is a treat for all digital catalog enthusiasts: Lovely, large images with cool effects which you could easily create in your own ...

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