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Changes to the File Publisher; or as we now call it, Attachments

08 May 2017

Changes to the file publisher; or as we now call it, Attachments

A new and improved File Publisher is underway. What does that mean for you? Read along and I will explain as we go.

Release notes March 2017.png

24 Mar 2017

Release Notes March 2017

The March release contained more than 70 additions and fixes. Most were under-the-hood fixes or upgrades that you can't directly see, but they all help provide a smoother iPaper experience.

What's New in iPaper - Release Notes - February 2017.png

20 Feb 2017

Release Notes February 2017

Following up on last months release with the new iPaper Free Account is tough. As we can not top it with new product releases this month, we have instead focused on more functionalities at the iPaper ...

What's New in iPaper - Release Notes - January 2017.png

30 Jan 2017

Release Notes January 2017

Here's is a quick overview of the newest features and additions in iPaper's digital publishing platform. Our three biggest changes this month is the new iPaper Free Account,  the pop-up functionality ...


15 Jul 2016

Goodbye to Internet Explorer version 8 as a Flipbook Viewer

If you just want the essential information right away and then continue this day's work routine, here we go. On the 1st of January 2017, we will end our support of Microsoft Internet Explorer version ...

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