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News & Product Updates


17 Apr 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Update: We're making necessary changes to the product to ensure GDPR compliance.


11 Apr 2018

Product update: Google Analytics Events

Product updates:  Once again, we're adding new value generating features to your iPaper experience. [Heads Up] Events will soon appear in your Google Analytics account.


14 Mar 2018

Product Changes: Updates on significant changes in the iPaper interface

Product Changes: Read more about significant changes in the iPaper interface.

2018-03-01 13_25_16-iPaper.png

01 Mar 2018

Release Notes: DECEMBER 2017 + JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2018

Product updates: Includes new features, interface changes and fixes from three individual releases. Get up to speed on iPaper.

Changes to the File Publisher; or as we now call it, Attachments

08 May 2017

Changes to the file publisher; or as we now call it, Attachments

A new and improved File Publisher is underway. What does that mean for you? Read along and I will explain as we go.

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