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11 Apr 2018

Product update: Google Analytics Events

Product updates:  Once again, we're adding new value generating features to your iPaper experience. [Heads Up] Events will soon appear in your Google Analytics account.

2018-03-01 13_25_16-iPaper.png

01 Mar 2018

Release Notes: DECEMBER 2017 + JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2018

Product updates: Includes new features, interface changes and fixes from three individual releases. Get up to speed on iPaper.

9 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Digital Flipbook

29 Sep 2016

9 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Digital Flipbook

The people in Marketing and Customer Care are sitting close to each other here at iPaper. That has some advantages in our daily work, as we can keep each other updated on issues, ideas, and ingenious ...


30 Aug 2016

So You've Bought a Digital Publishing Platform... What Now?

Investing in a digital publishing platform is a major step in making sure you produce and distribute quality digital content. However, you may be stumped as to where to start to get the results that ...


14 Mar 2016

Why We Love Inherited Settings And You Should Too

Efficiency is extremely important to us all. We want to work quicker, smarter and still get the best possible outcome.

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