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06 Jan 2017

How to Make an Online Product Catalog: The Ultimate Guide [Free Checklist]

An online product catalog can be a good way to showcase your products to your target market. Unlike traditional paper catalogs, digital catalogs can contain interactive features that fascinate and ...


07 Oct 2016

5 Free Tools To Give Your Digital Flipbook That Extra Touch

Marketing & sales is a high-paced game. We need to use our time as efficient as possible and one way we can accomplish this is to use the best tools in our daily work. Here are 5 tools that can help ...

9 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Digital Flipbook

29 Sep 2016

9 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Digital Flipbook

The people in Marketing and Customer Care are sitting close to each other here at iPaper. That has some advantages in our daily work, as we can keep each other updated on issues, ideas, and ingenious ...


30 Aug 2016

So You've Bought a Digital Publishing Platform... What Now?

Investing in a digital publishing platform is a major step in making sure you produce and distribute quality digital content. However, you may be stumped as to where to start to get the results that ...


14 Mar 2016

Why We Love Inherited Settings (And You Should Too!)

Being effective is an important part of everyone's day-to-day job and iPaper advocates for better and more effective communication. We also provide a feature that can help you with this, but which ...

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