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14 Mar 2018

Product Changes: Updates on significant changes in the iPaper interface

Product Changes: Read more about significant changes in the iPaper interface.


Here at iPaper, we want to help you drive sales and get leads through your digital catalogs.

No matter the size of your customer base, tracking your audience has never been more relevant.

That is why every metric found in Statistics contribute to the value iPaper Flipbooks provide.

Visitors over time

One very crucial metric is the number of individual Flipbook visitors over time.

iPaper statistics - Visitors over time

To ensure the Visitors over time metric is accurate and can be relied upon as a trusted source, we are making a minor change to the way we count visitors.

Until now, iPaper registered a flipbook visitor for each new session.

A "page view", however, only incremented once a visitor viewed a page for a few seconds.

iPaper Statistics - Page View in the Heatmap


With the intent of improving the experience for end-users, platforms such as Facebook have started to prefetch some content in the background.

As Facebook puts it:

“For every link in a mobile News Feed, Facebook attempts to predict how likely a person is to click it. If the prediction score meets certain requirements, the initial HTML file is downloaded when the link first appears on a person's screen.”

So, in some cases, Facebook will load the flipbook in the background, even before the user has requested to see the flipbook.

In some situations, this makes the experience faster for the user, but often, it means the flipbook is loaded in vain, as the user never sees it.


Per mid-April 2018**, iPaper won't count a visitor session unless we can confirm the visitor has seen one or more pages.

Thus, prefetching should no longer count as a visitor, unless the visitor loads the flipbook itself.

Ultimately this will result in a more accurate and valid measurement of the number of visitors for a flipbook.

** Due to technical challenges this update was not available mid-April, but will instead be deployed start of June.

The deprecation of Internet Explorer 9

From the 1st of July 2018, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 9. There is sound reasoning behind our decision:

  • The number of users visiting iPaper Flipbooks from the IE 9 Browser, is now very very low.
  • Microsoft themselves stopped supporting IE 9 on the 12th of January 2016.
  • Making sure that iPaper works on outdated software can be time-consuming.

As such, our developers will soon be able to focus on building more awesome value generating features.

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