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How Nakie uses its community to influence browsing shoppers

Hammock and outdoor brand Nakie only has a handful of products. But its creative take on user-generated content offers an innovative and intuitive product discovery journey.


On its shop page, Nakie displays its products just like any typical ecommerce brand. But when you scroll down, shoppers are greeted by a grid of images and quotes. Nakie uses photos taken by customers alongside reviews to show exactly how its products are being used.


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But taking its reviews that one step further, Nakie has added a product link to each photo so shoppers can see which specific product is in the photo and click through to buy it.


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It's a simple, additional step that makes it easier for browsing shoppers to immediately act on inspiration. 


Social proof has a known effect in ecommerce. When coupled with product discovery, it creates a journey that not only informs shoppers, but reassures them and makes them want to be part of a community.




With only a few products and highlighting its customer community so prominently across its store, Nakie shows that creating content for product discovery doesn't need to be complicated. It can be right at your fingertips.  


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