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29 Mar 2016

[Free eBook] Quickly Convert PDF To HTML5 Flipbooks By Using Beautiful Designs

As a marketer today, knowing how to convert PDF to HTML5 flipbooks is one thing, another is designing your online documents to fit the digital user experience.

The ability to design for digital is so expected that it hardly warrants a line on your resume.

But, let's be honest. In between learning - and not least keeping up with - concepts like inbound marketing, social media strategies and becoming an Excel craftsman: how do I find the time to "design for digital" and all the principles it holds?

Download the eBook Designing for Digital to get a quick overview of the most common things to consider when designing with screens in mind: 

View eBook 'Designing for Digital' now >>

You may know that images are a powerful tool and that they say more than a thousand words but – in the end – that's not going to get potential customers to look your way.

When converting PDF to HTML5, it's not only a technical issue, it's a question of optimizing your designs for online presentation that will ultimately help your readers achieve what they want.

With the technologies available today, you have every chance of using images to make beautiful designs. This is where our handy guide Designing for digital: The ultimate guide for designing with screens in mind come in. 

Whether you just need some inspiring examples of how other companies design for digital when turning their PDF to flipbooks, learn how to place images strategically when converting PDF to HTML5, or removing visual clutter to improve your visitors’ online experience, this guide will teach you the must-know basic principles of designing for digital.

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Since writing about digital design in online publications is kind of hard to do without accompanying images, we’ve made this Free eBook Designing for Digital where you’ll find:

When converting PDF to flipbooks, another very important thing to have in mind is how you incorporate and design your Calls-to-Action, which you can learn more about in this Free eBook: 3 Steps To The Perfect CTA.

 download free ebook designing for digital


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