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How to inspire: Marketing tactics

Inspiration can come in many ways.

Depending on your goals, it’s important you work out where to focus your efforts first.

And, with so many options out there it's good to know what channels you can use and how.

So, because we're here to help you out, we've put together a list of the best channels to inspire and found some of great examples to show you exactly what inspiration looks like.


How to inspire Tactics


#1 Landing pages

#2 Pop ups

#3 Email newsletters

#4 Online catalogs

#5 Social media

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#1 Landing Pages

Landing pages icon

The moment a visitor lands on your page, they need to be inspired.

And it’s imperative that you don’t just focus your efforts on your webshop homepage.

The best ecommerce landing pages are able to generate more leads, push more conversions, and earn a higher rate of return. They need to persuade the visitor to act. How can you expect visitors to interact with you if all you offer is one static page of white space with black Comic Sans font? By doing that you’ll completely alienate a huge amount of your visitors.

Each page on your website has its own goal and purpose. The design, look and feel of that page needs to match that goal and your brand identity. Have a look at this example of a landing page...


What’s inspiring about that?

Nowadays you need colors, images and videos. In fact, using videos on landing pages can improve conversions by 86%.

You also need to show immediate value in as few words as possible. Your page needs to be easy to understand and easy to follow.

Check out GoPro’s landing page for one of its latest cameras.


GoPro gif

It’s got images, it’s got videos, it’s got bitesize information surrounded by action and adventure. It’s screams all that GoPro represents.

There’s so much content to absorb before you even get a chance to buy the camera itself. But, whilst we all don’t have the marketing budget of GoPro, we can see some key takeaways.

Make your landing page content easy to absorb. Get straight to the point. Make sure the value is immediately visible and uses images and videos to inspire. Persuade shoppers to move further along their shopping journey by making your products irresistible.

#2 Pop ups

Pop ups icon

Pop ups can be a little risky.

If they’re too big, come in too quickly or ask too much, you’ll intimidate and most likely annoy your visitors so much that they’ll just leave.

Some may feel that pop ups are obtrusive and take away from the overall customer experience. But studies suggest otherwise:

Pop up chart

So, you need to get clever with your pop ups. Because, no matter how annoying they may seem, some pop-ups can convert up to 40% of your website visitors into subscribers and leads.

Most pop ups ask for information.

They want an email address for the newsletter list. They want a postcode to locate the nearest store.

But the best give context and an incentive.

Whatever you can offer, make it enticing.

Online bedding store Brooklinen uses pop ups to showcase it’s unique time-limited offers. But it’s not just the elegant and eye-catching design that works, it’s the clever language used to persuade.

Brooklinen pop up 1

Brooklinen popup 2

The way language and CTAs are used make the offers irresistible to shoppers.

So think about every aspect of your pop ups. The timing, the placement, the design, the offer and the language. It all comes together to create the ultimate persuasive and inspirational pop up.

#3 Email newsletters

Newsletter icon

Email newsletters are still the most effective marketing channel out there.

They outperform all online marketing strategies, including SEO, PPC, and content marketing.

Email newsletter data

But, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and successful email marketing tactics have changed a lot over the years.

The focus is now on personalization and a mobile-responsive design. And, of course, inspiration.

Connecting with your subscribers in a personal way through interesting content can encourage them to convert into customers and explore your products. Your email newsletter can also act as your chance to experiment on new ways of presentation.

You can take the time to see what works and what doesn’t. You can try out new designs and different ways of displaying products. Maybe even try new CTAs and color schemes.

There are many types of marketing emails. You have the welcome email, the thank you email, the new product announcement email. But three things they all need to have in common are:

Email list

When you’ve found your successful format, you can really use email newsletters as a platform to inspire. For more info when it comes to email marketing and to see examples of a whole host of successful emails, have a read here.

#4 Online catalogs

Online catalogs icon

We all know that print catalogs are a hugely successful format.

They bring inspiration directly into the home and they’re a winning format for most retail brands.

But creating a print catalog can be an incredibly lengthy process and in this digital world can, to newer brands, seem expensive and a little outdated.

So what if I told you print catalogs can be transformed online? In a DemandGen report it was found that 91% of buyers prefer interactive, visual content that can be accessed on demand.

Online catalogs can be exactly that.

Use videos, animations, pop ups and more to draw your visitors in. Plus, catalogs can easily be shared across all your channels including your newsletter, website and social media channels. And, thanks to being digital, they can actually be measured.

You can immediately track your catalogs success and use statistics to make informed changes.

You can see where you audience is, how they found your catalog and learn more about their buying preferences.

By creating shoppable content, brands can deliver that direct purchasing opportunity. It encourages shoppers to immediately act on their inspiration without even having to leave the catalog.

Ilva catalog

With online catalogs you can really showcase all that you have to offer in an easily shareable and manageable format. There are a wealth of benefits and tactics for online catalogs and inspirational materials, click here to read more.

#5 Social Media

Social media icon

Here’s something you already know, social media is the place to be. Obviously. It has been for a long time. But it’s also a crucial place to inspire.

Whether it’s a photo of your luxury break to Santorini, a snap of a gourmet sirloin steak or a video of Ed Sheeran selling out the Hollywood Bowl, everyone wants to share their experiences on social media. And, when it comes to eCommerce brands, it should be no different.

You need to share your products in use, your clothes worn by real models, and even share photos from your customers. User-generated content shared to social media sees 28% higher engagement than standard brand posts. But you don’t just have to share images on social channels.

You can spread the word about more of your efforts including your online catalog, landing pages and email newsletter sign up form. Use your visuals to draw people in, both on posts and ads and create an urge to find out more.

Yves Rocher Insta

Yves Rocher Italia uses Instagram to share high-quality luxurious images. It also posts photos of its online catalogs and provides links so shoppers can easily shop and share with friends directly.

I mean, don’t you just want to buy everything on that feed?

It’s this inspirational omnichannel approach that will increase your brand awareness. It will spread your message and increase interest.

There are many ways you can use all your channels and online touchpoints to inspire your shoppers.

Take the time to consider and create your plan of action and do your research. Understand your audience, their behavior and how they like to shop.

Then look at what you can do differently to your web shop. Do what you can to optimize your customer journey. Create new content designed specifically to inspire and intrigue your traffic. Then lure them in with an easy to navigate web shop and a seamless shopping experience.

Whatever tactics you choose, make them your own. Put your own spin on them and really emphasize your brand identity.

Remember tactics

This blog was an extract from our eBook all about the importance of inspiration in the world of eCommerce. For more insights, tactics and tips, download our eBook now.

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