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iPaper - The frequently asked questions

If you have questions, we have answers.

The meaning of life? 42. 

Could Jack have survived in Titanic? Yes, and maths has proved it.

But maybe more to the point, if you're reading this, you probably have questions about iPaper and our SaaS solution. 

Our Customer Care Team and Sales Specialists receive a wide variety of questions on a daily basis.

Questions ranging from how much iPaper costs, how to get started, and what it is that we actually do. We've listed six of the most common questions here.

If you have more questions or want us to elaborate on anything, just send us a message.

#1 What is iPaper

#2 How do I get started? 

#3 How much does iPaper cost? 

#4 How do I get help with my iPaper subscriptions

#5 Do I need to pay for additional iPaper users? 

#6 Will iPaper display ads in my catalogs? 

#1 What is iPaper?

iPaper transforms your print catalogs from PDF to an engaging digital format that inspires your visitors to take action. 

We have a commerce focus, which means that we're constantly working on developing new features, integrations and educational materials that help our customers get sales that can be attributed directly to their online catalogs.

B2B Businesses

We help B2B companies turn their product-heavy catalogs into eCommerce solutions with either a direct shopping integration to their web shop or email checkout. We help them keep track of vast amounts of catalogs with an intuitive indexing system called digital binders, making it easy to ensure catalogs are always up-to-date.  


wurth digital binder resized

By doing this, we enable B2B businesses to transition into digital spaces and help them rethink the way their existing catalogs can attribute to more sales. 

B2C companies

Most of the B2C companies that work with us use our product to drive more traffic to their webshop. Online catalogs are a great tool for this, and by integrating their webshop with iPaper's eCommerce features, we can offer a truly friction free shopping experience to our customers. (7)

Our built-in statistics and Google Analytics integration help keep our customers informed of how their online catalogs attribute to more sales, which channels work the best, whether visitors are more likely to use mobile and much, much more.

Check out our video and get a quick introduction to iPaper.


iPaper Explainer Video


#2 How do I get started?

iPaper is much more than a PDF converter. Converting your PDF into an online catalog is only the first small step. To succeed with iPaper we have to understand your goals, so we can determine how we can add value to your business and outline how to make it happen. 

We recommend that you reach out to an iPaper specialist via Chat or Schedule a Demo either before starting a trial or at the very beginning of your trial period. 

That'll help you quickly determine if iPaper is a good fit for your business, and potentially save you a lot of time testing a platform that's not suited or relevant to your business.

Reach out today to find out if iPaper is a great fit for your business, or get instant access to iPaper by starting your 14-day free trial period.

Chat with us

#3 How much does iPaper cost?

iPaper has four different pricing plans to choose from. Our most popular plan is the Commerce Plus plan that let's you turn your catalogs into seamless shopping experiences and allows you to upload as many as 1.000 catalogs.

Commerce Light: 265 €/MONTH

For businesses wanting to increase and drive traffic to their website or webshop via their online catalogs.

Commerce Plus: 595 €/MONTH

For businesses that want to automate the process of adding product links to catalogs to create a fully enriched shopping experience.

Enterprise: 1.295+ €/MONTH

For multinational companies and those with a high catalog demand looking for a tailored and centralized solution.


View pricing plans


Keep in mind you can always start with a monthly commitment.


#4 How do I get help with my iPaper subscription?

iPaper has a Customer Care Team ready to help you with all your questions about our platform, features and usage. You can chat with them when you're logged in on the platform, so any questions get answered almost immediately.

Free support is included in all our pricing plans. All customers have the option to book as many sessions as needed with one of our Customer Care experts for onboarding new users or diving deeper into our platform.


Meet our Customer Care Team

#5 Do I need to pay for additional users?

No. You can have as many users on your account as you need to without paying extra. iPaper is a business platform and built to handle complex organisations and large corporations.

That's why we're the preferred supplier for some of the biggest companies in the world within Retail, Wholesale and Direct Selling. 

When you start a trial and get access to our platform, make sure you invite relevant colleagues to join the account. This enables everyone to track catalog performance in our statistics dashboard, make changes and have an in-depth understanding of how iPaper is contributing to the overall business goals.

Of course, you can set different user permissions to make sure that not everyone is able to edit links or change overall branding if necessary.

If you're wondering how to add new users, here's a help article you can check out.

#6 Will iPaper display ads in my catalogs?


iPaper will not feature any ads. We recommend that you take the time to brand your online catalogs to really stand out and even use your own company domain.

The reason many online PDF converters can afford to be free is because they show ads for other products alongside their customers' publications. Which is really helpful for some clients, but not for ours. 

We want to make sure that the only thing a visitor sees is your catalog, your branding and your products. Your business should be the star of the show. 

Still have questions?

Check out our homepage to read more about what we do, or send us a message, we're happy to help!


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