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Is iPaper a great fit for your business? 3 questions that will help you decide

Committing to a new solution in your marketing and sales department can be tricky and take up a lot of resources. Why choose one solution over the other? How do you decide?

Let's just put it out there - iPaper isn't the best fit for all businesses working with online catalogs.

But if you want your catalogs to impact your business and your bottom line? If you want a truly valuable asset in your sales and marketing activities? Then iPaper might be the place to start taking your online catalog to the next level.

Here’s three questions that will help you decide if iPaper is the right fit for your business.

#1 What am I trying to achieve?

#2 How do I want to use catalogs in my sales and marketing tactics?

#3 What's my budget?


This is the most important thing to consider when you're planning on spending money on a new tool.

Asking yourself what you want to achieve will both help you understand how a solution might add value to your business, and enable you to measure the success afterwards.

If you're just looking to get your catalogs online or display them in a viewer rather than in PDF form and you're not interested in shopping functionalities or insights, then iPaper is probably not the solution for you. Issuu might be the solution you're looking for, and they even offer a free subscription plan.

iPaper is for businesses with a strategic focus on catalogs and brochures in their sales and marketing tactics.




It's for businesses that want to turn their catalogs into shopping experiences. For businesses who want a tool to drive more traffic to their webshop and manage their online catalogs in a best-in-class management platform that's built for business use.

It's for businesses that want advanced built-in analytics and heat map functionality, 3rd party integrations, open API for a tailored setup and automation capabilities that will save you tons of hours in manual work.

If that sounds more like you and is more in line with your marketing goals, then send us a message and get in touch with a specialist to learn how iPaper might add value to your business.


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Can you accurately attribute how your catalogs impact your sales right now? Is having that overview important to you?

When choosing a potential supplier a great question to ask yourself is how you are currently using catalogs and what purpose they serve. Do you feel like the ROI on mailing print catalogs is enough? Do you think you could make greater use of it by turning it into an even more engaging marketing channel?

As I mentioned earlier, if all you want is for the print catalog version to sit on your website, you can just use a free tool to upload your PDFs to.

But if you're a marketing or eCommerce manager working to reach certain goals and believe that the catalog has its place in your marketing and sales tactics, you could consider exploring how to make your catalogs shoppable or using it to drive visits to your webshop.

Setup a call with an iPaper specialist, and tell us about how you're using catalogs right now. They'll help you figure out if iPaper can help turn your catalogs into an important asset in your marketing and sales stack or not.

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If you compare iPaper to other SaaS solutions on the market that convert PDFs into an online viewing experience, we might seem like the expensive choice.

But subscribing to iPaper isn't just subscribing to a SaaS solution. We've been helping customers use their online catalogs to sell more and digitize their business for over a decade. And we've been around this long for a reason.


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Because we're a business tool that creates shoppable online catalogs for B2B and B2C businesses, not just a PDF converter.

We also offer training sessions, personal onboarding of new users and if we spot an opportunity for you to excel, we'll tell you.

Our aim is to build a lasting cooperative relationship with you by combining our expertise with yours. All support and training sessions are included in your subscription.

To get the full iPaper experience, pricing starts at 265 €.

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If you have any questions about iPaper, how to get started, and whether or not something can be done, just let us know by sending us a chat message. We'll reply as soon as possible and during office hours, we usually answer within 5 minutes.

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