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02 Oct 2017

How Fleggaard Uses Online Catalogs To Improve The Online Shopping Experience

With more than 95% of Danes knowing the brand, Fleggaard is the preferred Danish-German cross-border retailer in the market. But, even if you're almost as well-known as the queen, you still want your customers to increase loyalty and buy more.   

In this blog post, we'll go over how Fleggaard is using online catalogs in its digital marketing and how it was able to generate 10% of online orders from its online product catalogs without doing any extra promotion.  

#1 Online Catalogs Are The Most Visited Content On The Website

#2 Why Online Catalogs Increase Online Orders 

#3 The Technical Part: How To Integrate Catalogs In Your Webshop

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1# Online catalogs are the most visited content on the website

Online catalogs are a critical element in Fleggaard's marketing stack to get sales, attract, and retain customers in inspirational environments. With a bi-monthly retail brochure, they captivate their audience with special offers, promotions, and loyalty rewards. 

Brian Klindt, online coordinator at Fleggaard, explains why online catalogs have a clear place in your sales and marketing channel:

Our customers value both our printed and digital catalogs. They expect them to be there. If we didn't have this solution, we would lose out to our competitors. In the online catalogs, we can make more beautiful and inspirational combinations and environments. Our catalogs also give us an opportunity to present better messages than we could in a webshop."

e-catalogs provide 10% of online sales.png


We see a clear tendency where consumers increasingly opt out of receiving printed catalogs and accordingly, Fleggaard sees a yearly increase in the number of readers of their digital publications.

As the online publications were (and are) the most visited content on Fleggaard's website, they had a remarkable potential. However, they did not generate as much revenue as Fleggaard hoped. 

You might be wondering:

How come the catalogs didn't perform as expected when they had so much traffic? 

It wasn't easy enough to shop directly from the catalog. 

Fleggaard had an add-to-basket function in their catalog, which added items to a shopping list. However, to be honest, customers weren't using the feature, as much as Fleggaard would have liked. This was mainly because its set-up didn't allow the readers to easily view the full basket on the webshop while shopping in the catalogs.

So, the company pursued a smoother shopping experience. To chase online orders, a clear next step was to integrate their catalogs directly with their webshop. 

The goal: Make it easier to bridge the gap between catalogs and webshop.



The upgrade to an integrated eCommerce solution where the catalog lives in the webshop proved more efficient and a better fit for customers. People can now place and review orders instantly without ever having to leave the catalog. 

And it not only benefits the customer: 

Today more than 10% of Fleggaard's online orders contain items from the online catalog!

By going for the full integration, Fleggaard is giving its readers the best combination of inspirational commerce and a smooth shopping experience.

We can see that our customers genuinely embrace the online catalog concept, with an average time spent on catalogs of just below seven minutes. Some of our catalogs have an average time spent of about eight minutes. And time spent on catalogs is year-round, so it isn't just the Christmas season that increases this number, although, Christmas is, of course, positive in the statistics regarding orders and order value."

Thanks to the investment, the overall eCommerce experience is much more dynamic today. It's easy to add products to the cart, users only have to handle one basket and Fleggaard ensures the customers stays within its universe throughout the process and after.


Make it Easy To Add to cart 

Today's digital shoppers are an impatient breed. If your readers have to make extra clicks to go from catalog to webshop to find the goods, you'll most likely end up losing a considerable amount of them. 

When shopping through the catalogs, green shopping icons next to the goods indicate which products are available online. It's then simply a matter of clicking on the icon and selecting the amount. The iPaper eCommerce integration then adds the product to the shoppers basket on the webshop. 




Since the catalog is directly hosted on the website, users are never taken out of the experience. This makes it easy to, at any point, go and check the basket while shopping. 

Furthermore Fleggaard has streamlined its checkout process by adding a progress bar. Since we know that too many steps can hinder check-out, providing information on where the customer is while also reducing the total steps needed to a minimum, makes it easier for customers to complete check-out.


2017-10-10 08_19_17-Fleggaard grænsehandel - Grænsebutikker og grænsehandel online.png


Many of the clients visiting Fleggaard's catalog won’t buy anything on the first visit. However, by looking at the behavior in the catalogs of potential customers, it can make sure it send a trigger email  whenever the chance of a sale is present.

Email is a valuable tool here to retain existing customers. Fleggaard uses email to promote online catalogs when they come out. Also, they use behavioral triggers to reach out over email. For example, when customers add products to basket without purchase, they receive an email to remind them to complete the order.



This section goes deeper into the different technical aspects that Fleggaard used to integrate its catalogs into its website. This was done in 



To integrate the catalogs into Fleggaards website directly. They placed the catalog in an iframe. An iframe (short for inline frame) behaves like an inline image and cane be used to insert the catalog anywhere within a web page layout.

The URL of your branded domain is used to communicate with the publication in this iframe. This way you can set up communication between the catalog and the webshop via events.

2017-10-10 12_55_44-Fleggaard grænsehandel - Grænsebutikker og grænsehandel online.png


To make sure the webshop on the Fleggaard website knows when a product gets added to the basket, it uses iPaper shopping links. Whenever someone clicks on a product that has a shopping link in the iPaper catalog, our system generates a shop event.

It was than a matter of setting up a javascript script on the webpage where the online catalogs are hosted through the iframe. The script "listens" to the shop events created in iPaper and uses this information to put the items in the basket webshop automatically. 


B2B eCommerce Product Catalog



For every catalog created in iPaper, the system tracks stats to improve your work. Time per page and the heatmaps are especially essential.

The time spent per page will give you an idea of where your clients spent most of their time, this can be used to review product popularity or change up the page order of your catalog.

The heatmap shows you where the clients click the most and what products are hot. This can be used to insert relevant CTAs or improve existing CTA buttons.

And the great thing is that these metrics are available to you on the fly. So you shouldn't wait to improve the next catalog or wait until the campaign is over. By improving during the campaign, it will immediately have an effect on current performance. 


For more information on how to increase sales through online catalogs, develop an inspiring shopping experience and harness your user data, click below to read our downloadable eBook.

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