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2 types of online shoppers

Understanding the two types of online shoppers

Inspiring online shoppers is a must.

How to use in-store tactics online 2

How to use in-store tactics to inspire your online shoppers

Brick and mortar stores are built to inspire.


Why retailers should transform print catalogs online

In the retail industry print catalogs are a popular tool to drive customers to brick and mortar stores. 

How to go from print to online 2

How to go from print to online without losing in-store traffic

Print catalogs are a proven way to drive traffic to your brick and mortar stores.


How our customers helped create our best-selling feature of 2019 (so far...)

Your audience is the core of your business. They’re the ones using your products. They’re the ones that know what works and what doesn’t. And, boy do they have some good ideas. It was our genius ...