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20 Apr 2018

Improve Your Retail Catalogs With These eCommerce Tweaks

People assign a lot of value on, "Looking at the big picture." Fair enough, when you've created a catalog, the goal is to convert leads and sell your product. But the big picture is made up of ...

How to improve the online shopping experience and ultimately sell more (1).png

30 Oct 2017

How to Improve the Online Shopping Experience and Ultimately Sell More

Let's face it. The online shopping experience mostly isn't much of an experience. The problem is that traditional webshops are optimized primarily to search for one item at a time in a consecutive ...


17 Oct 2017

Why Your E-Catalogs Are Not Fit for Black Friday (And How to Fix it)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday generate a tremendous amount of revenue for retailers. And we see a trend: the sale is moving online.  2015 was the first year where the number of online consumers ...


11 Oct 2017

12 Reasons Why an E-catalog can Increase Your B2B Sales

Catalogs have been a crucial component for B2B industries for decades.  As a place to display products and services up for sale, however, they're highly dependent on static prices and information as ...

e-catalog increase online sales by 10%.png

02 Oct 2017

How E-Catalogs Generate Online Sales in Retail (Case)

You launch your online product catalog, you promote it, you sell a few products, and after a while you acknowledge something.  You aren't selling nearly half as much from your online catalog as you ...

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