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Ebinder: 3 Reasons For Using a Digital Binder Organizer for Online Catalogs

Keeping track of your online catalogs can be quite the task.

Whether you need to keep track of internal online documents or documents you provide for your customers, easy access is essential to provide the best possible user experience and get the best return on investment from your online documents.

On top of that, quick access to updated information and the possibility of searching through all files is essential. 

ebinder organize online documents

One way to ensure this is by organizing your online publications in a digital binder or so-called ebinder. Many catalog management software providers offer this to their customers. And with good reason - it keeps readers up-to-date on company information in a less time-consuming and convenient way.

Use the Digital Binder Organizer to keep track of your many online publications. In the following, I'll tell you about what the feature of an ebinder is and what it can help you achieve.

#1 What is a digital binder organizer?

#2 How does the ebinder organizer work?

#3 3 reasons for using a digital binder

#4 Who can use an ebinder?

#5 How to get the most out of a digital binder

#1 What is a Digital Binder Organizer?

Multiple online documents can be difficult to keep track of. When choosing your catalog management software provider, keep in mind what you and your users' needs are for keeping track and having an overview of your online publications.

With iPaper's Digital Binder Organizer, you can group several of your online catalogs into virtual ebinders, just as you would group printed paper documents in a physical binder at your office. This allows you to present them to your readers in an easy-to-use and tidy fashion.

Midsection of businesswoman with binders at office.jpeg

We got the idea to develop the Binder feature from one of our clients. You can read the case story for Mueller Company who also uses this feature. 

They produced a physical binder with brochures, datasheet, and manuals, with an overview of what products they offer. A tremendous problem of theirs was to keep their clients updated with the newest information.

They needed to organize the catalogs differently and make them easily navigable by the customers on a desktop as well as mobile devices, with some publications containing 18 different merchandise and over 800 pages.



The solution to this problem was the digital binder, where they can display the same documents in a digital format and keep their customers updated on what's going on in their business in a digital manner. 

In addition, it saved them the associated costs for printing and distribution.

"We are treating each iPaper as a catalog section. We use the binder functionality of iPaper to organize the full online catalog version. By using the folder structure, there is a one-to-one ratio between a catalog section, a folder, and an iPaper."  

says Deron Austin, Director of Marketing & Communications at Mueller Company.

See how Mueller Company uses the feature.



#2 How does the ebinder Organizer work?

Once the feature is added to your iPaper account, it's very simple to set up. We do recommend that you take a minute to consider the following:

  • how you want to structure your online brochures and documents
  • what type of information you want to be presenting

- and remember it is possible to build as many ebinders as you'd like and also place the same document in different digital binders.


The best part is this:

the moment you have structured your online documents the way you'd like to present them to readers, it pretty much updates itself automatically.

All you need to do is to add new iPapers to your account and the system will channel these new online publications into the binders. 

digital binder easy update



Another great thing is that you can add numerous of extra services to the binder.

  • Protection of the documents using security features (IP filter, Password, Remote login)
  • FTP Monitor, which enables you to build and structure the binder from an FTP server and automate the entire process.

The Binder Module allows you to organize your catalogs and categories in online binders. Each binder can be presented to users in a standard interface, allowing users to open catalogs and navigate categories directly in the front end.

The interface can be styled to match your company colors and logo.


In addition, the binder can be protected using our normal security modules, just as it can be displayed / embedded on your own domain using the Branded Domain module.

#3 3 Reasons For Using a digital binder

Obviously, there are several situations and contexts where it's beneficial both internally and externally to use the Digital Binder Organizer. Below, I've laid out 3 examples where it's been particularly beneficial. The common factor of these 3 examples is that it's always a collection of various types of documents. 

1. The online product catalog

In this B2B case from Würth USA, they are using the Binder feature to give clients a quick overview of their online catalog. Traditionally, they have produced a 1.000+ pages printed catalog, but they found that this was too difficult for the clients to use it. Instead, they built an online catalog in sections, making it easier for the clients to manage.

Thanks to the Binder feature, their clients can view everything in the same place and also be able to search through all files.



2. The website document library

In this case from Ford Motor Company in Denmark, they are using the digital binder as a document library on the website. One of the biggest advantages is that they only need to update the documents in the iPaper system once, and they're up and running with all their documents online, which saves them a lot of time.


2017-09-04 13_43_28-Brochurer og Prislister _ Ford DK.png

Secondly, they can use the link to the Binder as a tool to serve the Ford retailers with updated online price lists and new online product catalogs

This is how Ford Motor Company Denmarkuses the Binder function.

3. The replacement of the physical binder

In this case – for Lindab in Denmark – they are using the Digital Binder Organizer as a replacement of and supplement to the physical binder.

This case is quite similar to the one from Ford Motor Company as the same advantages of updating at a single point and serving their clients with updated material also comes into play here.

The primary differentiator of the two cases is that in this case the binder helps Lindab make all documents usable throughout the entire sales process – from the first dialog to delivery, which has improved their communication process both internally and externally.

This is how Lindab in Denmark uses the Binder function.

2017-09-04 13_45_15-Lindabkatalog.png

#4 Who can use an ebinder?

If you work in B2B, B2C or Public Authority organizations, the digital binder might be able to help you, if you've ever found yourself in one or more of the following situations:

  • Difficulty managing multiple online documents
  • You want to increase revenue from your online catalogs
  • You want to present a larger amount of online publications in an easy and structured way
  • You want to enable readers to search across multiple online catalogs
  • Needs to make your online catalogs easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

#5 How to get the most out of a Digital Binder

If you want to use the Binder, please consider the following questions:

  • Would this serve the purpose of my documents?
  • Would this strengthen the service I wish to provide?
  • Would this make it easier for my clients to get the information they are looking for?
  • Would this help my colleagues in serving our client?

If the answer is yes to one or more of the above questions, you should consider implementing this type of solution into your catalog builder or ask your catalog management software provider if they can help you.  




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