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11 Oct 2017

12 Reasons Why an E-catalog can Increase Your B2B Sales

Catalogs have been a crucial component for B2B industries for decades.  As a place to display products and services up for sale, however, they're highly dependent on static prices and information as ...

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01 Jun 2017

How to Build an Online Business Based on a Digital Flipbook (Real Case)

This post about how to build an online business based on a digital flipbook is a 3-minute read. Malgr√© Tout is the leading Danish digital sports, leisure and fashion magazine for the equestrian ...


15 Mar 2017

Business Lead Generation Made Personal (8 Simple Examples)

This blog post about business lead generation is a 5-minute read. When it comes to business lead generation within the B2B segment there is a tendency to forget that those who you are actually trying ...


06 Mar 2017

9 Free Software Tools That Will Quickly Make You a Better Marketer

This blog post about free software tools is a 5-minute read. As a digital marketer, you spend a lot of time creating and distributing content online, as well as learning about your customers and ...

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06 Jan 2017

How to Make an Online Product Catalog: [Free Checklist]

An online product catalog can be an excellent way to showcase your products to your target market. No matter whether you are within B2C or B2B.  Unlike traditional paper catalogs, digital catalogs ...

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