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Best Free Icon Collection for Digital Flipbooks (2300+ Icons, Preloaders, Backgrounds & Illustrations)

This blog post about the best free icon collection is a 4-minute read. Whenever you are making a digital flipbook (or a website for that matter), you need some good looking icons. Icons are essential ...


5 Proven Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Online Catalogs Today

If your business is more traditional or used to using what are considered more established forms of customer outreach, like printed publications and catalogs, online marketing can seem daunting. ...


How Interactive Online Publications Can Evolve Your Digital Presence Today

As a marketer, chances are you love collecting analytics and gaining insights from them. Web visits and bounce rates give you information about your visitors that can help improve your website, while ...


4 Simple Tips For Crafting Compelling CTA's in Online Publications Right Now

So, you've carefully crafted your latest piece of content. It's clever, witty, and it provides great value that will keep your audience coming back time and again. If this online publication was a ...


Designing for Digital: Call to Action Buttons

No matter whether you sell something online, or want people to sign up for a service, or want them to take some other kind of action, designing for digital and placing call-to-action buttons the ...

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