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Growth hacking blog header

Growth Tools: 10 Growth Tools You HAVE to Use in 2020

When the end goal of marketing efforts is growth, there are a lot of tools that can help achieve that goal. The difference between traditional business growth and the tactics of a growth hacker is ...

Popups blog header

Pop-Up Conversion: 5 Awesome Pop-Up Tools You HAVE to Use in 2020

In marketing, it is important to know how to reach the right audience. Part of that includes understanding which tools are most effective and which marketing strategies are going to produce the best ...

Button colors blog

Button colors for conversions: 5 buttons you have to use on your website

If you didn’t think about how color impacts your webshop conversion rates, you didn’t take any basic business courses. Most people in business and marketing understand the theory of persuasive ...

Conversion rate tools blog header

Conversion rate optimization tools | The ultimate guide [+15 tools]

Any business that knows the importance of conversions can benefit from the conversion optimization process. Conversion rate optimization, also referred to as CRO, is a strategy that is designed to ...

Session duration blog header

Session durations: The ultimate guide to increase time on site for webshops in 2020

Low session durations lead to high bounce rates and low conversions. Aside from the unicorn customer that comes, buys, and leaves, there is generally no benefit for a website when a visitor doesn’t ...