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What can you create with digital flipbooks
18 Jul 2017

Quick Overview: What Can You Create With Digital Flipbooks?

This post about what you can create with digital flipbooks is a 5-minute read. 

You might be wondering:

What can I create with digital flipbooks?

It can be quite the struggle to visualize the different possibilities and what they can do for your business.

When you have access to a digital flipbook tool, you have endless possibilities of creating engaging content.

Add videos, image galleries, image-carousels, slide-ins, zoom effect,  GIF's, audio, pop-ups, forms, links, social shares, branding, statistics, e-commerce, icons, and animations. 

Each customer case present different ways of using a digital flipbook.

Hope you get inspired. 

Let's get into those real life examples:

Annual reportS

Annual reports are no longer equivalent to dull and static print reports or PDF-files hidden somewhere on the web page and lacking important measurements and storytelling tools.

Annual reports are a great way to tell your story and connect with your key audience. Remember, stakeholders, are also human beings, who want an engaging experience.

With a very comprehensive annual report, ARLA makes it easy to search for topics, by using a digital flipbook:

 annual report arla in digital flipbook.png


THE NORWEGIAN RADIATION PROTECTION AUTHORITY makes their annual report interactive by including links to extra information and videos. 

annual report.png

ASSENS MUNICIPALITY uses images with links to guide you to the sections you are interested in:


annual report Assens in digital flipbook.png


THE DANISH MEDIA AND JOURNALIST SCHOOL starts out with an image carousel to catch the audience. Click on the picture to see how it works:

annual report as engaging flipbook.png


Furthermore, they include video interviews, video presentations of courses, video showcases, download of infographics, links to reports and photo galleries, showing that annual reports can be anything but dull and static! 


annual report digital ipaper.png

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Sustainability report

Sustainability reports enable organizations to present their values and impacts on a wide range of sustainability issues. It also shows the risks and opportunities the company face, and how they are committed to a sustainable global economy. This key platform for communication sustainability goals, impacts and performance is a good way of building trust in businesses and governments (source). 

Here is a class example of how BESTSELLER, is using a digital flipbook to present their sustainability report. Which by the way has won a Red Dot Design Award for its design.

red dot design award for digital flipbook.jpg

Click around in the example below and see many cool features, such as image-carousel, slide-ins, pop-up fact boxes, icons, video, infographics, different fonts, animations, and zoom effect. 

Pretty cool: 

sustainability report in digital flipbook


Weekly retail offers

Weekly retail offers are widely used by supermarkets and electronic stores to present this week offers and to get consumers to visit their brick-and-mortar store - or to entice them tp shop directly from the digital flipbook for those with an e-Commerce solution. 

Here's an example of how on of the biggest Danish supermarket chains, KVICKLY, is using digital flipbooks for their weekly offers. 

Note that they have incorporated a pop-up to collect new leads to their newsletter. 

This interactive element has proven to be very successful. In a period of 24 days, the chain got 15.000 new sign-ups, when they held a competition via their pop-up.  


2017-06-29 14_15_30-Kvicklys tilbudsavis for uge 26.png


Another example of a weekly retail offer is POWER in the electronics industry. 


2017-06-29 14_23_50-POWER tilbudsavis – samme lave pris i butik som på net.png



REPLIKA menswear presents each season's styles in a lookbook:

2017-06-30 08_00_46-ReplikaJeansCPH_SS2017_HighSummer_issue03.png


SELECTED FEMME also uses lookbooks for every new season:

2017-06-30 08_03_06-2017 Summer FEMME.png

Digital MagazineS

STANHOME from Italy presents their products in a consumer magazine with engaging elements, such as social icons linking directly to their social channels. Within the catalog, you will also find product videos and pop-ups to generate more leads. 


2017-06-30 10_24_15-Il consumer magazine Stanhome.png


The British furniture company FISHPOOLS is using digital magazines to present a selection of their goods. Their flipbook has flashing effects on their spreads:


2017-06-30 10_29_17-Mid Season Style 2017.png


MALGRÈ TOUT a lifestyle within the equestrian world has built it's whole business on a digital magazine. Click below to see one of their magazines or read the whole case here.



B2B Catalogs

The digital flipbook is not just relevant for B2C. B2B also uses them widely. Here's an example of how MUELLER COMPANY is using heavy industry catalogs, which are easily and smartly organized in digital catalogs via a digital binder functionWith up to 900 pages, finding a specific product is nearly impossible in static documents. Luckily, the digital iPaper catalogs are easily searchable, dynamic and responsive.


2017-06-30 11_13_21-Mueller Water Distribution Products Catalog.png


Brochures can be used in many ways in digital flipbooks. Non-profit organizations use them to present their various issues. Here KRÆFTENS BEKÆMPELSE (Fight Cancer) uses a digital brochure with thoughts from children who have lost someone to cancer. Making all their material online in digital flipbooks makes it easy for the reader to search and find the information they need. 

2017-06-30 09_55_58-At miste.png


Another way of using this kind of brochure format is to present a Code of Conduct like the facility services company ISS does here. 


2017-06-30 10_02_52-ISS Code of Conduct.png


ISS is using a multitude of brochures. One of them is in a poster format for their 2017 safety campaign.

2017-06-30 10_14_43-ISS Safety Campaign Posters 2017.png



It's not just companies that benefit from digital flipbook. Schools or universities used this kind of presentation to attract potential students. The prospectus often contains information about the school and courses available. 

Here are to examples from our neighbors in Norway. 

First, the vocational school, Tinius Olsen using animations and videos to get their audience to interact. Click to see how they also use slide-ins and image-galleries to get your attention:




TREIDER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL uses the digital flipbook for presenting the education of medical secretary. Also using videos early in the catalog, before our short attention span urges us to leave the catalog. Keeping readers longer in the catalog. 

2017-06-30 08_50_19-Helsekatalog-MS-2016.png


Product catalog

Digital flipbooks are widely used as product catalogs within many industries. Especially within the car industry are they widely used. Below a few examples. 

JAGUAR cars are using digital flipbooks to present their products and to collect leads at the same time. You can book at test drive directly from the catalog and sign up for their newsletter. Engaging the readers further in their journey. 


2017-06-30 08_17_15-Jaguar XF - Brochure - Jaguar Danmark-1.png


RANGE ROVER in action. Also using the product catalog as a lead generation tool with a pop-up: 

2017-06-30 08_26_03-Range Rover Sport - Brochure - Land Rover Danmark.png


You will also see the use of digital product catalogs within other industries, such as home repair or construction, which often relies on an extensive number of products. These can easily be updated, searched, and automatically linked in a digital flipbook. Saving amounts on time on both production and sales. 

BERNER uses the product catalog with interactive features like a link to their shop via product numbers and a pop-up to urge readers to read further. They are also using the digital flipbook for branding. Look at the branding at the left side. 


2017-06-30 08_22_16-Trallbyggnation-1.png




A digital flipbook can serve as a perfect connection between browing and purchase. 

Tupperware relys on that their customers have easy access to buying their products. As products are only sold via homeparties and online, their digital flipbook is one of their main sales channels:

They have an integrated e-commerce function, where you can shop directly from their catalog. They also use product wides and icons with extra product information to engage users. 

2017-06-30 11_28_27-Tupperware US & Canada.png


Read more about how shoppable content in digital catalogs works 



Candidate book /recruitment book

SELECTED a brand of the BESTSELLER Group uses a candidate book to attract new recruits, giving some insight into their culture and values and the people working there. 

2017-06-30 07_47_39-2017_candidatebook-1.png


Care Guide

SELECTED also uses the iPaper flipbook solution to present a care guide for their clothes: 


2017-06-30 07_55_11-CARE GUIDE english.png


Seasonal magazines

A seasonal magazine is a perfect way to use a digital flipbook. Here you inspire your audience with a whole theme put nicely together, instead of them having to search your whole website for matching items. 

The arboriculture company PLANTORAMA used in December 2016 an iPaper to inspire their customers:

2017-06-30 10_39_54-Plantorama.png


Trainee Programme

ISS facility service also uses the digital flipbook format for recruiting new employees with a brochure about their ISS Managment Trainee Programme:

2017-06-30 10_06_38-ISS Management Trainee Programme.png



In below example, you'll see one of many White Papers created in a digital flipbook by ISS. This one is presenting their values. But you can use it for anything. 

2017-06-30 10_11_13-ISS 2020 Vision.png


Employee Magazine 

The non-profit organization KRÆFTENS BEKÆMPELSE (Fight Cancer) is using a digital flipbook for all their documents, including an employee magazine for their volunteers. This makes it easy to distribute via email and social media. 

2017-06-30 09_49_07-Sløjfen Juni 2017.png

Also, MAERSK is using a digital iPaper for their employee magazine, using videos, image carousels, and slide shows to engage their employees. 


2017-06-30 10_35_50-may june 2017 emag.png



If you'd like to learn more about designing for digital, we'd made this free eBook Designing for Digital for your inspiration when making online brochures.


download free ebook designing for digital



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