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Ikea catalog

Why all eCommerce managers should get inspired by IKEA’s physical stores

IKEA is one of the worlds best known brands.


Not just because of their products. But because shopping at IKEA is a concept that almost every consumer knows and has an opinion about.


Some love it, some hate it. But it is arguably one of the best shopping experiences when focusing on product discovery.


You can try their products, see what they look like, what colors they come in and view them in a lifestyle situation.


Whether you call it inspirational selling, visual merchandising or something else, it’s all about getting more visitors to engage with products. 


But why is it important for eCommerce managers?


When you go to IKEA you most likely have a category or product in mind. But there is a reason why you're not immediately directed to that specific product or category. 


It's because IKEA actively works with product discovery tactics.


Product discovery in eCommerce is your ability to guide and inspire visitors to engage with more of your products.


You do that by presenting them in a different way, highlighting specific products and breaking free from the well-known grid view presenting endless rows of products that look somewhat similar.




Most online stores are just a better looking version of the final part of the IKEA shopping experience. The part where you find your selected products on the shelves and head for the checkout.


Retailers pride themselves on their in-store experience.


They work hard to get it right and offer an inviting environment to shop.


That’s why store employees spend time folding clothes or tidying up after their customers. They want the store to always look its best.


In fact, the products are displayed in an easy to find environment to make it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. 


And there’s a reason why.


Inspiration increases engagement. And engaged customers are more likely to buy - both in physical stores and online.


Take a critical look at your own online store


Marketers and eCommerce managers hear it all the time. 


Acquiring traffic mainly using paid tactics only has two winners - Facebook and Google.

But where does that leave you?


You need to really focus on getting more value from the traffic you have already acquired.


This means that in order to grow your business in a thriving online commerce market space, you need to be able to deliver a second-to-none online store experience that goes above and beyond.


You need to create an environment that encourages them to engage with your offering.


Yet, when it comes to online, so many online stores are too focused on getting the sale.


They’re too heavily tailored to three steps; search, add to basket and checkout. Shoppers should know exactly what they want, add it to their basket and checkout as soon as possible.



Infinite Scroll



There’s no way for online shoppers to look around and browse, no room to get inspired and no room for impulse buying.


It’s straight in, straight out.


And, while this formula might work for some, in fact 46% of all online shoppers are just browsing.


There’s a huge market of untapped potential if you focus more on creating an inspiring online experience.


And the best place to start is to imagine you're a new visitor just wanting to browse your online store.



About the author

Jesper Wilhelmsen

Jesper Wilhelmsen

Jesper Wilhelmsen is Head of Customer Journeys at iPaper. Jesper is passionate about exploring new tendencies in the field of marketing, and have a strong focus on digital marketing, perfecting user journies based on data and creating measurable and scalable results.

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