2000+ more readers every week

In March 2011 the Danish supermarket chain Irma launched a free iPhone application with integrated iPaper mobile viewer of their weekly online catalog. Their aim? To reach a new target group.

Figures show that Irma has increased the number of readers by 2000-3000 per week, without simultaneously losing readers of the browser-based catalog.

2000+ READER

About Irma

Irma A/S is a Danish supermarket chain, part of the Coop Danmark group. It was founded in 1886 by Carl Schepler, as a small grocery store selling eggs in Ravnsborggade in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The chain is the second oldest groceries chain in the world, after Marks & Spencer.

On the go grocery planning

Martin Larsen, Webmaster at Irma, considers the mobile medium an important part of Irma’s marketing strategy.

With the new application the customers can find the closest outlet, get dinner inspiration and last but not least see the special offers of the week. People rarely know in good time which groceries they need, but with the mobile platform the customers can plan their grocery shopping exactly when they want to.”