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Display is a landing page builder for online stores. Use your Google Shopping Feed to build landing pages in minutes.


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The only landing page builder that uses your shopping feed

Connect your Google shopping feed to Display and build perfect eCommerce landing pages

Connect your shopping feed

The products you highlight in Display are taken from your product feed. This means pricing and visuals are always updated.

Build your landing pages

The Display editor is designed to make it fast and easy for users to build top-performing landing pages. No coding skills needed. 

Publish and Distribute

Display landing pages are perfect for social media campaigns, permission marketing and making a better onsite experience.



How to get success with Display landing pages

Attract more shoppers and increase visitor engagement on your online store

Highlight offers on your front page and engage more visitors

A lot of the traffic you get on your online store will leave without engaging with your products. Start by implementing a Display on the front page of your online store to highlight selected offers. This will give browsing shoppers a place to start their shopping journey.

What to expect with Display

  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase avr. time spend on your store
  • More product views

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Build Landing Pages for your campaign tactics to browsing shoppers

How do you attract browsing shoppers to your online store? Launch campaigns focusing on weekly offers and push them to your target audience through paid and owned channels. With Display you can easily build landing pages and ensure updated pricing based on your Shopping Feed

What to expect with Display

  • Build a product landing page in 30 min.
  • Campaign to product page in two clicks
  • Increase volume of potential buyers

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Give your newsletter subscribers a more engaging product experience

On many eCommerce platforms it is time consuming to build landing pages to each newsletter. With Display you can break the barrier of what you can do on your platform, and build mobile-first landing pages that increases post-click engagement from your newsletter.

What to expect with Display

  • Higher post-click engagement rate
  • Build landing pages in 30 min.
  • More sales attributed to your newsletter

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"After implementing Display landing pages on our online store our conversion rate went up and we reduced the bounce rate."

Jesper Mark, Partner i Pixizoo


Highlighted features

Support, personal onboarding and ongoing training is included for all iPaper customers


We've made it simple for you to track how your Display landing pages perform in Google Analytics. You can easily add your Google Analytics tracking code in the editor, and with our pre-built segments you can see how many sales are attributed to your Display landing pages.

Track performance of your Display landing pages in the built-in statistics. You can download reports to excel and dive deeper into the numbers.

Display is a feed-based landing page builder. Connecting your feed with Display not only allows you to add products, but it also makes sure your products stay up to date with pricing and images.

Branded domain is included when subscribing to Display landing pages. A branded domain is essentially a subdomain to your own, that you point to iPaper, making the URL appear as your own. In that, you're also in full control of the naming.

Create themes that match your brand and visual identity. It's a great idea to create a general theme, that works well with your website to re-use with several displays to make sure you have the best possible workflow.

The Display editor is designed to make it fast and easy for users to build top-performing landing pages. Add visuals, videos, CTAs and products from your feed to drive more visitors to your product pages.

Out-of-the box interaction with your online store

Display landing pages is a sidebar layer on your online store.

Display is build for online stores and will not negatively affect page speed or affect your the main infrastructure of your eCommerce platform.

And because Display is a shopping feed based landing page builder you don't have to think about updating pricing or images in the Displays.

"We have increased our conversion rate with 22% after implementing Displays on our webshop."

Nicolai L. Jørgensen, eCommerce Manager i Bog & Idé


Get creative in the easy to use landing page builder 

Building grid views of products will not make your products stand out from your competition.

Display landing pages is for eCommerce teams who want to break free of the templates your eCommerce platform provides.

With Display your team can do what they do great - make your products interesting and start selling.


Getting started with Display is fast and easy

You don't have to be a developer to get Display landing pages on your online store.

Simply insert a script on your online store or through Google Tag Manager, and you are ready to publish Displays.

If you like to hear more about Display before giving it a go. Schedule a demo with a specialist.

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