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Most eCommerce platforms today have been optimized for conversion. They have a clear focus on the transactional aspect of making a purchase - and done so with great success by targeting specific products to specific audiences.

iPaper's eCommerce solution allows your readers to purchase your products directly from your online flipbook, creating a very powerful synergy between your webshop and product or showcase catalog. 

But don't worry. If you don't have a webshop, iPaper's eCommerce solution is a fast and user-friendly approach to moving your business online and giving you a powerful platform to drive your online sales from. 

  • Reduce the friction from visitor to customer
  • Convert non-buyers into leads
  • Analyse how your online catalogs perform through statistics and heat maps
  • Integrate your catalogs with your webshop

Our eCommerce tool is not only for B2C – for B2B customers without a webshop solution we can enable our email checkout so your customers can send their orders directly from the catalog.



Start using iPaper's eCommerce solution in a matter of minutes.

  • Unlimited amount of users
  • Full support included
  • No credit card needed. 


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This is what it's all about! Our platform is designed for you to save time and earn money. 

We enable you to reduce manual hours spend in your team by automating time-consuming activities. Our platform is build with you as a user very much in sight, and we always strive towards having the most user-friendly platform in the market that doesn't require any coding skills.

Get a direct earning from your online catalogs, by reducing the friction from visitor to customer and allowing visitors to shop directly in your catalog. You will even be able to optimize and increase sales based on behaviorial data from your visitors, and creating online catalogs that converts your visitors into customers.


 By offering the shopping functionality in the catalog we strive to make it easier for the customers to go from inspiration to purchase.
They don’t need to spend time to note down the product ID or look for products somewhere else but simply add it to the basket by a single click. And we’re happy to see that the customers actually are doing so."


eCommerce - Save time and increase sales
Here's what our customers say about us.

"The crucial aspect of providing value to a potential customer is, that the consultant is capable of answering questions - even complicated questions - right here and right now. iPaper makes this possible for us.”

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“We get a sound understanding of what is making people go through the total customer journey and what is necessary to make them sign up in the end. The numbers have – together with other statistical sources – helped to confirm what was earlier only a gut feeling.“

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"Let's not invent something the readers don't want to use to consume our content. Instead, we now extend the current magazine editions via iPaper and make the magazine more exciting to read with an elegant digital touch."

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Judith Vestermark
Marketing Coordinator, KJV
Martin R. Pedersen
Head of Communication, DMJX
Charlotte - Testimonial1.png
Charlotte Dahlsgaard Stensbeck
Editor, Eksportfokus


Engage a larger audience


Using online flipbooks in your eCommerce strategy lets you invite a larger audience into your online universe.

This enables you to give more information about your products or services, through engaging and interactive tactics, catering to those who are still browsing different products to buy. 

Read more about how Yves Rocher both extended their reach dramatically and increased audience engagment with iPaper 



The last results of our digital brochure are beyond expectations! We are so happy of this success and I hope we will continue growing and exploring new functionalities.
It's easy to share by sales community and consumers. It became the best performing brand communication tool of the company in a few weeks. With nearly 3 minutes on the digital brochure per visit; it means format and content are appealing for consumers."


eCommere - engage your audience
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There are many factors that impacts whether or not a visitor converts into a paying customer. 

With an online catalog powered by iPaper, you can make sure your brand and offering stand out on every page, keeping your company front and center. 
You can implement interactive elements that keeps your visitors enticed and informed helping them choose whether or not to buy what you offer.

The interactive possibilities are only limited by your creativity. You can insert video, animations, music, sound effects, audio and lead capturing forms for those not ready to buy yet. How about having video testimonials of satisfied customers, right next to the product a visitor is looking at?


Check out the video and learn more about the power of the flipbook format.

Enable visitors to buy directly from your
online catalog, and seamlessly integrate your online catalog with your webshop. 



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