ipaper has discontinued the free account

We understand that this might cause some inconvenience for users who have had access to a Free iPaper licence. As such, we have notified all users via email each month about this change since August.  We hope you have received these messages.

All Free accounts were closed on October 31st 2018.


Why are we doing this?

As we grow and cater to more to premium segments of the market we no longer have the resources to justify the Free offering.

iPaper is focused on our users getting measurable value from their online catalogs in a commerce and lead generation context. This is done by converting catalog readers into sessions on your website or webshop, adding popups to your tactics, and reducing friction in the shopping experience via  email checkout. These are all elements that can't be done with a Free plan.


How can I keep my account and content?

If you’d like to keep your publication online with us, we offer a selection of plans dedicated to helping you achieve specific goals.
To learn more about the different plans and what each one entails, check out https://www.ipaper.io/pricing-plans.


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