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Wakeupdata ensures your feed is optimized for onsite product promotions


The plug 'n' play integration with Wakeupdata enables eCommerce teams to easily turn their store into a new, high-performing channel using Display.




Display is an onsite promotion banner that enables eCommerce businesses to easily highlight selected products using their shopping feed. It's designed to encourage shoppers to explore your products, increasing your conversions and reducing your bounce rate.



Want to learn more about this integration? Why not watch our recent webinar all about how to turn your store into a new, high-performing sales channel using your WakeupData feed.


Watch WakeupData and iPaper webinar here



With your feed managed by Wakeupdata your Display campaigns are continually updated with the newest data from your online store, so changes in pricing, stock and promotions need to be reflected instantly without the risk of errors.


Using this integration means merchants can eliminate the risk of having incorrect formatting in their data or missing required fields in the feed whilst managing all their channel exports in one place.



iPaper export in platform



Benefits of our integration with Wakeupdata


By making use of this integration you can ensure:


  • Your shopping feed is always optimized for for Display, as well as each of your other sales & marketing channels like Facebook Ads or Google Shopping.

  • If your shopping feed is missing required data you can scrape other sites for extra data which can be merged to your own feed (e.g missing GTINs, descriptions, images, urls).

  • Feed Marketing experts can use rules-based filters to include and exclude certain products from your Display feeds (e.g. seasonal promotions, specific brands).

  • Your product images are optimized for specific campaigns (e.g. adding brand colors and promotions, removing backgrounds).

  • Your promotion banners can be adjusted anytime using product performance insights from the WakeupData platform.


Want to learn more? Send us a chat message, or schedule a demo with an expert to get a full introduction to Display and the benefits from using Wakeupdata as your Feed Management Platform.









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