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Adapt your existing sales strategy to match the digital buyer


Automatically create fully-enriched shoppable catalogs

Not all businesses have an eCommerce solution integrated in all parts of their business. But being able to sell your products online is a key variable for growing your business.

Customers expect to be able to buy your products online - preferably even without talking to a sales rep. iPaper can transform your existing product catalogs into shoppable online catalogs.

And with our Enrichment Automation feature we can automate the entire process. Setting it up requires some data from you and coding on our end, but once we’ve done that for you, creating fully-enriched shoppable online catalogs is as easy as uploading your PDF to iPaper.


Push and promote your online catalogs to relevant customers

Online catalogs are a great way to push your products to potential customers. It is a cost-efficient distribution channel that you can use to create awareness about your products and enable in-catalog shopping and checkout.

Share and promote your online catalogs on social media to targeted audiences. Add direct links in your newsletters. Embed your catalogs on your website. Or do all of the above and make sure you’re covering all online touch points.

Schedule and publish your online catalogs, without worrying about changing the link on your website and online distribution channels. Schedule as far ahead as you want, and at the frequency you need. iPaper provides the infrastructure you need to schedule and distribute your online catalogs.


Seamless navigation and search across all your online catalogs

Browsing your catalogs should be an inspiring and seamless experience for the end-user. iPaper enables you to make easily searchable online catalogs that direct your readers instantly to what they are looking for.

Users can search through the text of your online catalog to find exactly what they want. A neat overview of the search results helps them go directly to the pages they need.

If you have a vast amount of catalogs you can organize them in digital binders, making navigation and search across your online catalogs as easy as possible.


Statistics that help you understand your customer’s experience

Data is a marketer’s best friend. It’s data that will help you interpret how customers engage with your online catalogs and show you where you might need to improve. Which pages have the longest viewing time? How many pages does the average customer read? What products are the most clicked?

iPaper’s analytics and heatmap insights give you all the data you need. But, if you want even more, we have Google Analytics and Events integrated too.

Not only can you view and analyse these statistics within the iPaper platform, but you can also download statistics reports that will easily filter and manage your data.


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Best-in-class online catalog solution for B2C and B2B companies

We help some of the biggest companies in the world within Retail, Wholesale and Direct Selling achieve their marketing and sales goals with online catalogs.

They all get access to and benefit from our premium features, our success team’s guidance and inspiration.

We have over 10 years experience in providing value and inspiration to our customers and we can’t wait for you to get started.

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