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iPaper converts your existing catalogs into engaging marketing and sales assets that will bring your audience closer to buying your products.


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Online Catalogs enables you to take full advantage of your catalog investment in the digital age

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"In the first three months our online catalogs had a 50% increase in sessions, and we've seen a 3x increase in our average website traffic."

Loris Astesano, Social Media & Digital Strategist at La Casa Moderna

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Online Catalogs built for the digital buyer

Make it easy for your readers to go from browsing shopper to paying customer.

iPaper offers many checkout options that can be tailored to your needs.

Have your catalog readers buy through WhatsApp, send readers to your product page or create a fully integrated eCommerce setup that connects your online catalog and online store. 


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Simplify your workload by adding links automatically

Automate the process of creating fully-enriched shoppable online catalogs.

For your online catalogs to be valuable, they have to be actionable. Add shop icons, links and interactive elements that inspire your potential customers to buy.

With iPaper this is automated with Enrichment Automation. Watch the video to learn more about this exclusive iPaper feature.


"We have increased our online catalog sessions by 40% per week. This is incredible for us and shows just how important our catalogs are to our customers. "

Jürgen Egger, Marketeer at Spar Switzerland

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We take great pride in offering personal onboarding, ongoing training and free support. All of this is included in the price and available during your free trial.

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