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Boost email newsletter conversions





Ecommerce brands can't rely on blasting the same email to their entire audience anymore. Leading all your email readers to the exact same static landing page or boring grid of products just doesn't work.


If you do that, you'll never increase conversions or see improvements from your email marketing efforts. You need to create a conversion point that inspires readers to act and, more importantly, buy. 



Your email marketing tactics are primarily focused on keeping your brand and your products top of mind. By using iPaper as your newsletter CTA, you'll bring your audience that step closer to buying. Whether it's a CTA to an online catalog of your latest range or a product banner full of inspiration, we'll help promote your products, weekly offers, campaigns and so much more.


You can also create different CTAs to segment your audience. If you have a wide range of products, use iPaper to create specific channels for each range so your email audience can choose their own journey.



If you use iPaper in your email marketing, you'll improve your newsletter engagement and increase your conversion rate thanks to a more logical and inspirational customer journey. By pushing your products directly to your audience, you'll boost your product views and encourage shoppers to discover more. 



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