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Add multiple instances of the same checkout

December 1, 2020

You can now repeat the same checkout functionality type in multiple instances. This can be usefull when you want to provide your users with multiple ways to check out. Herunder you can find a few examples of when this can be useful.

Direct Selling with sales representatives and WhatsApp Checkout

Your first WhatsApp checkout Call-To-Action could be for customers who know their sales representative. This checkout option would not include a preset phone number. Thereby allowing customers to choose the order recipient from their list of contacts.

The second WhatsApp checkout would then include the preset phone number.
The order could then go to your company directly. Or to a service that would help the customer towards finding a representative.

A third WhatsApp Checkout option could even lead to an automated WhatsApp messaging bot, that would handle the customer request automatically.


We can imagine a web shop with a Wishlist feature:

​One Integration Call-To-Action could pass the iPaper basket items to the regular "Shop basket" for regular check out and payment.

A second Integration Call-To-Action could send the iPaper basket items to the Wishlist, for possible lead generation purposes.