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WhatsApp Checkout

June 5, 2019

Almost every direct selling company has a catalog as the foundation of their business model. They're not relying on complex ecommerce setups to support a direct selling model.

The make or break of direct selling is to empower your representatives to stay connected with their consumer base. And that connection is the catalog. It shows the products that can be bought from the representatives. And checkout often happens in person or through a phone call.

The real challenge is to make sure the connection between consumer and representative is not lost in a digital world. And that is achieved by using the most popular messaging app in the world and integrating it directly in the purchase flow of the digital catalog.

That's why we've launched WhatsApp checkout!

No longer do consumers need to order products over the phone, via email or have a consultation in person. No longer do sales representatives have to reuse old catalogs that might be damaged or just incredibly out of date. And, no longer will they have to drive from house to house and risk getting stuck in traffic and missing out on a sale.

It can all be done directly from your online catalog, over WhatsApp.

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When integrated, shoppers can add products to basket as they flick through the catalog. Then, when ready to checkout, their basket is sent directly over WhatsApp to their local rep.

The rep is then immediately notified of their order and can confirm when it will arrive.

It's the simple, smooth checkout we've all been waiting for and will ensure your customers have the best experience possible.

Since the launch we've reached over 100,000 WhatsApp checkout transactions across our direct selling customers.

“We saw results immediately after enabling WhatsApp checkout. Our shoppers say that this helps them have a fast, direct route to purchase and our sales force loves the flexibility WhatsApp checkout offers them.”

Andrea Signori, Digital Manager at Stanhome

If you want to learn how to enable WhatsApp checkout on your catalogs, read our latest help article.