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Turn your visitors into known contacts. Increase your blog or newsletter subscriptions. Promote special offerings or premium content like Whitepapers, eBooks, reports or articles, and drive more traffic to your flipbooks and online publications.

No matter what your aim is, a popup is a very effective tool to get more leads. With a strong content approach, email marketing is a very powerful tool to create brand awareness, build up trust and long-term relationships with those on your list.

Use the free iPaper popup lead generation tool to increase that list today.

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Take a look at these other online flipbook examples:

iPaper is the perfect choice for publishing your fashion catalog, product catalogs, and inspirational catalogs

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Start capturing those leads

With iPaper’s free popups and lead generation solution you get the functionality of pop-ups and so much more. We also give you a free digital flipbook, where you can convert your pdf to a beautiful, interactive flipbook with engaging content, such as video, zoom, links, animations, image-gallery, icons, and page transitions.

Do you want to catch visitors and potential customers on your website and flipbooks, in order to communicate effectively and continuously with them after they are long gone from your website? Then try our FREE LEAD GENERATION TOOL and start capturing those leads right away.

ll you need is the contact’s name and an email address to get in touch with those who might be interested in your services or products. Our free lead generation tool pop-ups gets you just that.

After capturing those leads you can use email marketing as an effective one-to-one- communication channel with those online consumers. 


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Here's what our customers say about us.

"The crucial aspect of providing value to a potential customer is, that the consultant is capable of answering questions - even complicated questions - right here and right now. iPaper makes this possible for us.”

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“We get a sound understanding of what is making people go through the total customer journey and what is necessary to make them sign up in the end. The numbers have – together with other statistical sources – helped to confirm what was earlier only a gut feeling.“

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"Let's not invent something the readers don't want to use to consume our content. Instead, we now extend the current magazine editions via iPaper and make the magazine more exciting to read with an elegant digital touch."

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Judith Vestermark
Marketing Coordinator, KJV
Martin R. Pedersen
Head of Communication, DMJX
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Charlotte Dahlsgaard Stensbeck
Editor, Eksportfokus


Give your readers a great experience with your content

Take a look at our case studies to learn how others have increased ROI from using iPaper to publish their online flipbooks and increase website traffic with our free lead generation tool.

Here are the advantages of the free iPaper lead generation tool:  

  • A 100 % free lead generation tool. No time limit.
  • Easy and quick to set up. No coding skills required.
  • Unlimited popups up to 100.000 views per month
  • Responsive and optimized for all devices
  • Pop-ups and flipbooks can be placed on any website
  • Won’t cause penalization on Google
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Free support from our Customer Care team
  • One free digital animated online flipbook with the free plan


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65% of top 100 Danish companies are in the customer portfolio 


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Online flipbooks have the great advantage of being optimized for the digital world.

Online Flipbooks - Optimized For The Digital World

There is nothing as dull as a flat and static PDF, which decrease reader experience and is overlooked on your website.

But you can change that. Start making dynamic and interactive documents with cool features that are visually interesting and designed with the purpose of engaging your readers.

Provide a great viewing experience with your online documents in flipbooks – including a free lead generation tool. No coding required. Try our free account where you get 1 flipbook + unlimited popups with our lead generating tool.


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