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From PDFs to online catalogs built for ecommerce

Convert your existing catalogs into engaging marketing and sales assets that encourage your shoppers to buy











18% increase in catalog readers with improved customer journey

Stanhome increased volume of catalog readers and potential buyers with a customer journey designed to suit its social media audience and introduced WhatsApp checkout.

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300% increase in website traffic with interactive online catalogs

La Casa Moderna uses engaging and interactive online catalogs to inspire more users to visit their website.


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How to get started with online catalogs


Getting started with online catalogs is fast and easy

If you have a PDF of your catalog then you're ready to go. We take great pride in offering personal onboarding, ongoing training and free support so we'll be with you every step of the way.

Tailor your checkout experience

With online catalogs powered by iPaper, you can offer a mobile-friendly shopping experience designed to inspire. Choose from our range of catalog checkout options to create a journey tailored to your customers.

Simplify your workload with automation

Stop wasting time manually adding product links to your online catalogs. We can automate the process of adding shop icons, links and interactive elements to your catalogs giving you freedom to focus on the more important stuff.

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Highlighted features

Easily add your Google Analytics tracking code in the Flipbook editor to monitor your Flipbook's performance. With our pre-built segments you can monitor how many sales come directly from a Flipbook.

A branded domain is essentially a subdomain to your own website. You have full control over the name of the domain and can point it to your Flipbook making the URL appear as your own.

Track the performance of your Flipbooks in our built-in statistics module. You can download reports to dive deeper into the numbers and better understand your customer's behavior.

Create Flipbook themes and styling that match your brand and visual identity. You can design a general theme that works well with your website to re-use over several Flipbooks, or make unique campaign specific Flipbooks. It's totally up to you.

Easily create and customize pop ups to capture or add information directly from your Flipbook. Whether its a newsletter sign up form or postcode capture form, use pop ups to enhance your customer journey.

 The Flipbook editor is designed to make it fast and easy for users to build top-performing online catalogs. Add visuals, videos, pop ups and CTAs to drive more visitors to your products.


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