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Optimize your print to shoppable catalog setup

We provide retailers with a fully automated print to shoppable catalog setup that ensures less room for error and boosts catalog engagement.









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We can automate the process of adding shop icons, links and interactive elements to your catalogs

Easily add your Google Analytics tracking code in  to monitor your performance. With our pre-built segments you can monitor how many sales come directly from a shoppable catalog.

You can download reports to dive deeper into the numbers and better understand your catalog readers.

You can easily make sure your shoppable catalogs match your brand, and add a branded domain making the URL appear as your own.

Embed your shoppable catalog on your website and add products directly to the basket on your online store.

With a basket in your catalog your users can add products while browsing your shoppable catalog. Export the catalog basket to your webshop or enable email or WhatsApp checkout.

Automated online catalog solution built for ecommerce

We automate the process of adding shop icons, links and interactive elements to your catalogs giving you freedom to focus on optimizing your sales and marketing activities.



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Increase your online reach and drive traffic to your store

Shoppable online catalogs are the perfect format to distribute to a broad range of people. Watch our video on catalog tactics and learn how top brands use shoppable catalogs in their marketing activities.


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Jysk Catalog



Automatically creating online catalogs in 27 markets each week


JYSK's catalogs are automatically uploaded to iPaper from their print distributor via API. Our scheduling setup then publishes the catalogs online with an updated image and link on their website.



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Spar Catalog



40% increase in catalog sessions and 30x more downloads with iPaper


SPAR has completely transformed its weekly discount flyers from a static PDF to an interactive digital catalog. Shoppers are now more enticed than ever before to visit their nearest supermarket having been inspired online.



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Fleggaard Catalog



10% of all orders contain products added from the online catalog


Fleggaard has created a more dynamic catalog shopping experience. Using our eCommerce integration, the catalogs are now enriched with shopping links so customers can order directly from the catalog on any device.



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