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11 Apr 2018

Product update: Google Analytics Events

Product updates:  Once again, we're adding new value generating features to your iPaper experience. [Heads Up] Events will soon appear in your Google Analytics account.


What is it?

We're adding Google Analytics (GA) events to every on-page customer interaction in iPaper.

The update will increase the amount of available iPaper data inside your GA account and make it possible for you do more in-depth conversion tracking in your Flipbooks.

Why it matters

Are you tracking your iPaper traffic in Google Analytics?

You might just be looking at the statistics available within iPaper which is great, but  you can derive a lot of benefits from tracking iPaper visits through Google Analytics as well.

There's a good chance that you're already use Google Analytics tracking on your other websites so we figured being able to see your iPaper visitors and more specific usage statistics in the same tool would add a vital overview of your online activities.

How does it work?

Previously all you knew about your iPaper visitors through Google Analytics was what Flipbook pages they had viewed.

Now your iPaper account will automatically send specific events to Google Analytics.

So instead of just a Pageview event, we are adding the following user interactions:

  • Flipbook visits
  • External Link Click
  • Popup Image Click
  • Popup Image Gallery Click
  • Popup Content Click
  • Popup Frame Click
  • Product Added to Basket
  • Video Play
  • Search
  • Shop Checkout

Using the above-mentioned events, you'll be able to accurately track your visitors' engagement in many different ways.

But that's not all. You'll also be able to set up Google Analytics goals based on your iPaper events.

And, you'll be able to use these iPaper events as triggers for any other tracking tags, such as Facebooks tracking pixel events.


How will this affect my Google Analytics account?

Your new iPaper events will automatically appear in your account inside an 'iPaper Event' category.

In other words, there won't suddenly be a flood of generically named events in your Google Analytics account.

To see what is happening precisely with your iPaper Flipbook event you will have to click the 'iPaper Events' category. From there you'll see all triggered iPaper events.

What happens next?

Stay tuned for more details and full descriptions of every new significant feature in the next release notes post.

New Help Articles detailing any steps you might need to take as well as best practices will follow shortly after this new addition goes live.

Please feel free to reach out, should you have questions regarding this, or any other iPaper feature.

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When will this be available?

We expect this update to go live during May.

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