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Why digital publications

Readers will love you

A digital publication is easier to read on portable devices. It loads quicker and it is easy to share. It gives a “wow” experience to your readers via animations, popups and video.

Sell all you want

Let your readers buy your products with a single click. Turning them into customers is easier with digital publications than with printed ones.

You will stand out

When you create digital publications using your brand identity, readers will notice. Digital publications are much easier to find online and add to your brand value.

It’s not rocket science

Creating iPapers from PDF documents is easier than boiling an egg. And quicker.

  1. Upload your PDF
  2. Your iPaper is now online in the cloud
  3. Browse it on desktop, mobile and tablet
  4. Learn all about your readers' behavior

Look at what we have for you

Engaging experiences

Do you want to add animations, popups and video to your catalogs? Your readers would love them for sure.


Sell, sell, sell with your iPaper! Turn readers into paying customers like no one else ever before. Really!

No boring work

Feeling lazy sometimes? We understand. That’s why you get features working without you having to move a finger.

On all devices

All the iPapers you create look sharp on desktop, mobile and tablet. How’s that for a standard feature?

Secure catalogs

HTTPS, passwords, IP filters and other dull stuff. But for us security is a must regardless of how boring it sounds.


We're no FBI, but we're close. We analyze your readers' behavior and hand it to you on a silver platter.

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