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release notes - september
05 Sep 2017

Release notes - September 2017

The summer is now coming to a definite end. Here at iPaper we never stop working towards the best possible user experience. This release has brought 75 fixes, improvements, and additions to this experience.

You will find some of the more noteworthy additions detailed below.

1. A renaming and further promotion of "Link Media."

 The feature formerly referred to as "Link Media" is now available under the new title "Enrichments."

release notes - september

The addition of links, images, animations and webshop integration is a documented value driver. As such, we have decided to draw attention to the feature that makes all this possible. 

We want to encourage more of our users to start adding value by enriching their flipbooks from the get-go.

 release notes - september

That is why we have added an "Enrichments" button at the end of the onboarding flow, presented to all first-time iPaper users.

release notes - september


2. Refreshed Icons in the iPaper interface. 

In aligning the platform to modern browsers, we have updated our navigation icons to SVG. Now offering infinite scalability, we have made them larger too. 

So, when using the iPaper platform, the navigation has never been sharper.

release notes - september



3. Alignment of all references to time in the interface 

Time is a factor in iPaper when making Flipbooks available for finite intervals.

The last release began showing time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), in some parts of iPaper.

These challenges are now a thing of the past and time references are all local. This alignment should make setting publication periods clearer than ever.


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