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Release notes - November
05 Nov 2017

Release Notes - November 2017

With Halloween now safely behind us, at iPaper we are eagerly looking forward to Black Friday and Christmas. This season is especially exciting, as iPaper can really contribute to your company's growth, by offering a shoppable catalog experience.

Novembers release has brought over 75 additions, changes and fixes to iPaper.

Below is an overview of some of the highlights. 

  • An updated Cover Flow effect when sharing a folder of Flipbooks.
  • Corrected a button naming error when changing a scheduled folder into a Binder.
  • An improved Table of Contents in custom Flipbooks.
  • Faster access to search across the iPaper interface.


Previously the Cover flow effect for sharing iPaper folders on your website was not shown perfectly when seen in IE and Firefox. This misalignment has now been fixed, and the looks of the effect have been improved as well, making the experience for end-users that much nicer.

release notes - november


When changing a folders behavior from a Schedule to a Binder, the Call to Action button in the top right corner of the iPaper interface previously failed to update accordingly. The name of the button now changes instantly when the change in folder behavior is saved.

release notes - november


When using the Build-A-Flipbook feature, the Table of Contents in the new custom Flipbook would include sections that were not represented in the custom Flipbook. The Table of Contents is now accurate and you will no longer see sections that aren't included in the custom Flipbook.

release notes - november


Faster access to search.You will now be able to access the iPaper search bar faster than ever with the newly added keyboard shortcut "ALT + S."

As a bonus this function is aware of what you are doing, so tapping "ALT + S" while in the media library, will take you to the search box there.



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