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19 Nov 2018

RELEASE NOTES: October and November 2018

Product Updates: This article includes new features, fixes revisions for October and November 2018.

Out of 168 individual revisions, fixes, and brand new features, the few mentioned here are the ones deemed most significant for you :-D


We've made it easier to remove items from your iPaper Shop basket

It hasn't always been so clear to shoppers how to remove a product from the basket unless they used the "-" (minus) button.

To make this more obvious, we've added a delete button which does the same thing but we think it's more intuitive. 

GIF, Removing item from the iPaper shop basket.

Alternative shop icon for shop variants

When we introduced alternative shop icons for shop links we overlooked adding the option for variants. But we've done that now and one of our customers is already leveraging the feature through their CLI.

For you, this means that the basket icon could change when any of the items in a shop variant menu, is added to the basket. 


Expanding the javascript postMessage capabilities between Flipbooks and web pages

If you're opening your webshop items in a pop-up frame on top of your iPaper flipbooks, you can now close the pop-up frame from your website via a javascript postMessage.

When a pop-up product link is clicked in your flipbook, the pop-up frame can be closed again from your shop - automatically bringing the customer back to the catalog experience. 

Doing so results in a fluent and natural shopping experience when using pop-up frames in your flipbooks.

We've also expanded on that functionality making it possible to integrate your webshop basket with the iPaper basket.

So now, when an item is added to your webshop basket, the in-catalog basket could react as well.

The in-flipbook shop basket is reacting.


A demo on this wonderful functionality will follow.

2. Miscellaneous:

Security Module: The Password list now shows usernames

What is this and, why are we changing it?

Well, you see, when you gate your flipbook with a password, you create a user group and link it to your secure flipbook or folder.

You can't have two users with the same username. Now, we've created a better overview of the list of usernames. So you'll be able to see if a username's been used already, before you set up a new user. 

Your iPaper account is now showing you usernames.

Expanded sharing channels

As a first step in adding more social sharing options, we are now supporting WhatsApp, Messenger and sharing links to your flipbook.



To learn more about any and all of the above mentioned features or just iPaper in general, click below and ask away!

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