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Our latest release focuses on Enrichment Automation, and how we could, err… better enrich that experience for you. With that in mind, we’ve made the following improvements:

Quickly access the Enrichment Automation settings you use every day

Regardless of what your Enrichment Automation does, there are likely some settings you change or update more often than others. We’re now able to present your most used Enrichment Automation settings, front and center, in the Update Enrichments modal!

With these ‘quick access’ values, you can save time and clicks when it comes to updating your Flipbooks.

As each Enrichment Automation is custom-built for your business, chat with our team to discuss what quick access values would work best for you.

Organize the UI properties of your Enrichment Automation configuration for a cleaner, and more user-friendly interface

When using Enrichment Automation, there are features you need daily, and others you only use occasionally.

We’ve now created the ability to segment your Enrichment Automation configuration, and display only your most commonly used fields. This way, you only see the fields you need to, allowing you to input, and edit the fields you require the most, without being troubled by everything else.

Now you can update your Enrichments, and your base PDF in a simpler, more logical way

We’ve now given you even more options for updating your Flipbook by splitting Change PDF, and Updating Enrichments into separate functions. When you need to change your underlying PDF, use the Change PDF function; when you need to update your Enrichments with fresh data, you can do so using the Update Enrichments function.

Updating existing Enrichments…

The new, separate Update Enrichments feature comes with a number of benefits: whenever you update, you retain all your historical statistics, along with your manual Enrichments.

This feature allows you to inject fresh data into your existing Enrichments, allowing you to, for example, update prices, stock levels, and more, without touching the look and placement of your automated Enrichments in your Flipbook.

Never use the wrong icon again with our new thumbnail preview

Now you can see a preview of each and every CTA icon you have selected in a handy new thumbnail, this gives you a much better overview of what asset you’ve selected for a particular CTA.

Smart? We think so.

Strap in your seatbelts and put your tray tables in the upright position, because this product update is really taking off with all the new features we’ve packed into it. Without further ado, we’d like to present to you:

Large file size warnings in Media Library

Now, when you upload a file in a size that exceeds our Best Practice guidelines, you’ll be notified of this. Of course, you’re still welcome to upload any supported file under 1 GB, but we’d like to make you aware of the potential negative impact to your end-user experience.

Improved Media Library picker in the Enrichment Editor

We’ve made a small, but significant change to the Enrichment Editor interface. Now, when you want to insert an image into your Flipbook, you have access to the same modern Media library found in the Flipbook overview. 💯

The result is a much faster, more streamlined experience when populating your Flipbooks with visual assets.

Expanded language support

We now support an additional six languages in the Flipbook viewer: Armenian, Belarusian, Indonesian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Macedonian. This means that your visitors can now experience the Flipbook viewer interface in 51 different languages!

Login with reCAPTCHA now works in China

We’ve great news for our customers in China: we have deployed a fix allowing reCAPTCHA to work when logging in to iPaper, making your login process even more secure.

New Keyboard shortcuts

For those of you that manage Flipbooks with large numbers of enrichments or just want the job done quickly, we’ve got good news! The iPaper interface supports a number of new keyboard shortcuts, intended to give you a quicker overview over your different Flipbooks, and make editing of Enrichment-heavy Flipbooks faster, and easier.

Easily preview your Flipbooks via keyboard shortcuts

You can now quickly open a preview of any Flipbook in your iPaper account by holding the option key on a Mac, or alt key on a PC, whilst left-clicking on the Flipbook. This will then open the Flipbook directly in a new tab, as opposed to a normal left-click, which opens the Flipbook overview pane. Quick and easy!

Quickly access and edit Folder settings via keyboard shortcuts

We’ve made it even easier for you to access Folder settings in iPaper. You can now open them directly in a new tab by holding the CTRL key on a PC or Command key on Mac, whilst clicking on the Folder in question.

Select multiple links in the Enrichment Editor via the command-key on Mac

While being able to select multiple links in the Enrichment Editor is a longstanding feature, Mac users have previously done this by holding the CTRL key whilst selecting multiple links. We noticed, however, that this created a suboptimal user experience, as this key binding opens the context menu whenever you click. That’s why we now also support selecting multiple links whilst holding the Command key, which bypasses this issue.

You can now add a new type of CTA to your flipbooks that, when clicked, opens an interactive banner called Display.

Use Display to highlight specific promotions, add interactive product guides and more - all without altering the original PDF. With the drag-and-drop editor and reusable templates it becomes easy to add one more layer to your flipbooks.

Read more about the use-cases here.

Display in Flipbooks is available for all Enterprise and Empire plans. Customers on Commerce Light and Commerce Plus licenses can buy Display as an add-on or upgrade their plan.

Want to know more about applying Display in your Flipbooks? Check out our Help article.

If you don’t currently have access to Display, you can request a meeting to get started here.

iPaper customers have struggled to maintain highly interactive flipbooks, when also using Enrichment Automation.

Previously, when you added manual enrichments to a flipbook with EA, the manual enrichments would be wiped whenever you updated the flipbook with Enrichment Automation or Import links enabled.

In this process, precious insights in the form of click statistics would also be lost.

The only workaround to maintain flipbooks with both automatic and manually created enrichments, was to have two flipbooks; one for manual and one for automatic enrichments.
You would export the manual enrichments, and continuously import them on your flipbook with automatic enrichments, whenever you had updated it via Enrichment Automation. What a hassle!

These drawbacks were preventing customers from adding manual enrichments, with less engaging flipbooks as a result.

This is now a thing of the past!

How will you benefit from this?

You can now preserve manually added enrichments, such as videos, galleries, slideshows, images etc. while you update your automatically created enrichments via Enrichment Automation.

You can now add extra engaging content to live side by side with automated enrichments.

Your click statistics are now retained even when using the Enrichment Automation Auto-Update feature.

How will it affect you and your workflow?

Let us try setting up an example workflow, of something that is now possible:

  1. You create a flipbook with Enrichment Automation, automatically creating 167 shoppable links.
  2. To create a more engaging experience, you add manual enrichments, such as video and images.
  3. Not all automatically created enrichments were placed perfectly, so you move some of them to new positions - and resize some for emphasis.
  4. You are then notified that some of the products in your catalog have changed their price, since you created the shop links. Ugh. This would have ruined your day before! But no more…
  5. You use Update enrichments to update all your automatically created enrichments, with fresh data from your feed.
  6. Every enrichment you added manually is retained in this process.
  7. Every automatically created enrichment you moved or resized, has kept its position.
  8. All of the clicks on your enrichments now persist in Statistics.

Wow! This is going to save you so much time and frustration.

And more importantly - help you create the most engaging flipbook, every time.

How do I use it?

Check out our new article on Enrichment Automation here:

What is Enrichment Automation?

And dive into the very improved Update enrichments function here:

Update existing enrichments via Enrichment Automation

What are the requirements for this?

This feature is live now for customers with the modern version of Enrichment Automation as part of their plan.

It does not work retro-actively, which means it only works on flipbooks processed with EA after November 8, 6AM CET.

You can use Update enrichments / Change PDF with Enrichment Automation to enable this feature on any flipbook.

Please note:

  • This feature does not work with hardcoded legacy automation, also known as CLI or Custom Link Import.
  • This feature does not work with processing initiated by API.

If you do not have Enrichment Automation today, perhaps now is the time to consider an upgrade.

Reach out via chat 💬  or book a session with us 🙏

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We now support iPaper events in Google Analytics 4 across both our Flipbook and Display products.
To find out how you can set up your GA4 events, read our help article here…