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We’ve designed a new CTA button for Display. You can now choose between the original floating CTA button, or our brand new bottom bar CTA. 

The bottom bar button allows the Display CTA to be fixed to one place. It stays open the entire time a visitor is on the page and doesn’t invade space or hide any website content.

Like the floating CTA button, it can be styled and designed to fit your brand’s look and feel.

To find out how to enable the bottom bar CTA, click here.

If you regularly use the same Display design, our new templates feature will save you a ton of time.

Once you’ve designed your Display, you can now simply save it as a template. All the design elements and branding you’ve added will be saved. You can then go in and add your current products to your template. 

Templates can significantly improve your workflow and save time. You won’t need to design the same Display from scratch ever again!

To discover how to work with Display templates, click here.

You can now reprocess your flipbook without uploading a PDF. 

If your data has changed and your flipbook needs to be updated, simply right-click the flipbook paper tree and click ‘Reprocess’.

Your data will be refreshed and your new flipbook ready to go! 

If you have any further questions about this feature, get in touch via the chat.

Presenting product information in our product detail view just got a little easier! You can now format the text to show product descriptions in a more organized, and stylized way. 

If you’d like one of our team to run through your new text formatting options, book a meeting here.